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6 quick cleaning checks and tips

When you are running low on time and resources, and need to have a quick dash around an area to check the standard of cleaning and carry out just a few quick tricks to freshen up, then here’s some top tips to help you out. They’re not the full-monty, but they can help keep on top of things:

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10 Ways To Involve Kids With Cleaning

Involving kids with cleaning is an ideal way to get them involved with something productive as it’s something tangible and straight forward after they know what to do. Roping them into helping with decorating or say gardening will be far more involved and only suitable for older kids and teenagers really.

There was a good article on the Unilever website in the last week about how you can practically do this. With spring now here and the weather getting better, and the Easter holidays now only a week or two away, then this is an ideal time to get them involved.

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The ABC of Simple Cleaning

It’s as easy as A, B, C, as they say. Well yes it can be this easy in the world of cleaning as well – OK it won’t be as thorough as it could be, but even just the basics can help make a huge difference than what was expected. Something is always better than nothing in most cases.

So let’s keep it simple. Here are 3 easy steps to apply to most cleaning situations using the basic ingredient of water. For everyone who is not into cleaning for whatever reason, this can help make it crystal clear.

A – Aqua. Another name for water (needed to get the ‘a’ into this analogy). It’s that simple as well, water is the best thing to help clean things in the majority of situations. Forget even the soap and fancy spray that can go with it, just use water if in doubt. Although warm water is better and will help attract dirt more, cold water will still suffice if needs be. Obviously unpolluted and as fresh as possible will be better.

B – Bucket. Just grab a bucket as an item to hold the above water. Of course it doesn’t need to be strictly a bucket, it could be a bowl or other container, so long as it’s strong enough to safely hold water, and it’s clean inside. A handle is also helpful and safe, but you can always make do with a bowl and a rim at the top to easily hold.

C – Cloth. The final piece of the jigsaw to collect the water from the bucket and wipe whatever surface you need to. In principle it can be any cloth, although in practice the more appropriate the better. So clean and dust-free of course, easily usable with water and more robust wiping or scrubbing, and good materials and makes such as microfiber. Make sure it’s squeezed out in the water after every wipe to keep it fresh, and at the end either throw away of give a final good squeeze to then dry out.

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The 7 'Its' Of Cleaning

In the world of cleaners in Birmingham there’s a whole host of different ways to get a place looking nice and clean. Right from a quick tidy up to a full deep-clean, there’s everything in between. And often you need to remember to see the wood from the trees a little bit, and take a step back to make sure you’re covering everything rather than just assuming more of one type of cleaning.
We’ve therefore come up with 7 ‘its’ about cleaning – some of the main cleaning tasks to remember when you’re tackling a new cleaning problem. These will help you put things in perspective and remember often those little extras that can make such a difference. So here goes:

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