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Here’s How to Deal With Builders & Construction Mess & Cleaning

As part of our builders cleaning service in Birmingham and the surrounding West Midlands, we come across all kinds of mess from building and construction works. Whether that’s from DIY jobs at home, or serious project works at work, there are similar principles that help this became more manageable. This is both for occupiers and owners direct, or working with contractors to help them in this massive task.
The sheer mess you see from these work can seem too much, but once you break things down and get proactive, it all starts to click into place. Once the clean-up is accomplished, you not only have a great -looking property back, but those building works look oh so much better.
So here are a  few pointers to make the most of this:

1. The Dreaded Dust Factors 

This is the real killer with cleaning up building- and construction-works mess. 
The obvious bits are easy, but dust has a habit of getting everywhere. Not only upstairs or in other rooms that you never imagined, but even after you’ve got rid of it, then in a matter of hours it can still be coming down to settle again. 
Therefore in reality you need to cover everywhere imaginable, and many times over across s a period of time.

2. A Helpful Wind Problem 

Having a wind through an area can help move the dust along nicely, even just a simple open door or window. 
Make sure it travels the right way, with nothing blowing back, and that you don’t get too cold and wet.

3.  Tackling the Floors

These tend to be worse by having the brunt of the works, and where dust and everything settles. 
You’ll probably need an initial sweep and clean to get the bit items up, and ongoing vacuum cleaning or mopping to really sharpen things up. 
And as above with the dust factor, make sure this is done several times, and that the equipment and filters in the vacuum machines are big enough to cope with the mess

4.  Wipe, Wipe, and Wipe Again 

Often you just need to do that – keep on wiping away surfaces. As you wade through the layers of dust and mess, you will get there, often just with good old hot water and a cloth to begin with before getting the final ones done with the right cleaning substance

5.  The Hidden Areas 

Look out for all those hidden areas like behind curtains and blinds, and any personal items and ornaments. 
Ideally cover them or take them away before hand, or take the time and effort to carefully clean and wipe afterwards.

6.   What a Load of Rubbish 

Yes, you guessed it – there may be literally piles and piles of rubbish to then get rid of. Not only usual items, but all the loose bits and pieces from the building job that got missed before. 
Hopefully these will all bag up, but even then you may need to make special arrangements to remove or at least leave safely somewhere.
The key is to be proactive with things, and plan before you even begin the building works to accommodate all these points. 
But don’t worry if you’re caught short with the mess now, our builders cleaning service in Birmingham and beyond is here to help.
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Our 6 Spring Cleaning Pointers

When it comes to a good ol’ spring clean, the secret is to go that extra mile than any other general clean. Whether it’s literally in spring or some other time of year, it’s always worth going this extra mile not only look fresh but have the peace of mind that all those hidden germs and dirt have been eradicated.
Our spring cleaning in Birmingham and the West Midlands service helps detail the sort of areas we cover as part of this service – if you’re tackling yourself, or you have a cleaner doing it for you, here are a few tips to get most from your spring cleaning

1. Delight in Decluttering

This not only means clearing up items that have been left everywhere, but going through all your hidden and not-so-popular items and having a good old clear out. Whether it’s a book shelf of books or a box of kid’s toys, now spend time to get roofless.
In addition, make sure the moved items are somewhere productive rather than just being left around – maybe a lost and found box, or even a box to sell things on eBay. 

2. Accessorise Nicely

Those finishing touches will make all the difference, whether a fresh vase of flowers, new scented candles, or even small pictures and décor items. Such small visual items can suddenly transform the whole look or feel of a room

3.  Rope in Some Help 

It’s easy to take it on board yourself, but get others involved as well. Not only will this ease your own burden, but it can help others get stuck in and do something productive, a classic example being children and teenagers. 

4.  Go in Deep

Remember that everything needs doing well, and a much deeper clean. So not just a quick flick with a duster but a proper clean with water and suitable substances, to get rid of those nasty bits and pieces.

5. Bling up Seen Surfaces 

Okay, you’re on the home run, so add that special wow factor to things, after all you’ve already done all the hard work. Polish is great for that nice look and smell.

6. Don’t Forget Outside 

Although it can be a whole new job don’t forget the great outdoors, particularly if you’re heading into summer. Whether a patio and BBQ area, or outside garage and store, it may be worth doing this all at the same tim 
In short, you need to think outside the box and consciously complete those little extra jobs that you wouldn’t normally do. Without this focus, and in the frenzy of wanting to complete its easy to default back into the old ways, whereas these 7 nifty tips will help keep you on track 
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10 End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips to Save Your Bacon

As part of our end of tenancy cleaning service in Birmingham and beyond, we tend to find that there’s lots of little extra things to be aware of over and beyond normal cleaning activities. This is for a unique situation with high expectations of a thorough clean for a new person to take over, that often needs doing quickly and in line with documents like the tenancy agreement and inventory.
Therefore here are 10 of our top tips for when you’re in this scenario of end-of-tenancy cleaning:

1. Remember the Rubbish 

This tends to mount up more than you might think, particularly once you start digging through cupboards and storage areas. In addition to usual bin bags of rubbish, you may have old furniture and cardboard boxes, making sure these can easily be removed or agreed to be left.

2. Access all Areas 

Every bit counts, whether that’s old storage areas under the stairs or cupboards, and even outside areas and garages. You can also have external patio and car park areas, in addition to the usual internal areas. 
You also need to make sure that access to the property is good to go, with any keys and alarm codes easily communicated and agreed with any occupiers or other contractors.

3. Deal with Documentation 

This is the key to effective agreement for end-of-tenancy cleaning, as this is the main reason why so many rental deposits are queried by landlords and managing agents because of their belief that the cleaning by the vacating tenant is not up to scratch. 
Any tenancy agreement needs careful analysis to determine exactly what is required, and then any final Cleaning Checklists and Schedules agreed with the cleaner.

4. Timing is Key

Quick cleaning right at the very end of the occupation is critical before any formal hand over date, therefore make sure this can all happen in plenty of time. 
In addition, allow time for any hick-ups and things generally being slower amidst the busyness of the current occupiers packing and getting ready to leave.

5. High Expectations

The bar is high with what’s expected, particularly from a new tenant or the main landlord. 
A vacating tenant may well do a reasonable clean that under normal circumstances will suffice, but for this context the extra mile is needed to get everything covered and it looking and smelling oh so clean for the new occupier.

6. In Depth Cleaning

This high expectation will need to filter through to actual deeper cleaning in some cases, not just looking and smelling nice and fresh. 
So areas like ovens and appliances in the kitchen may need that extra mile, and additional carpet cleans if there are stains and mess to clear up. Even window cleaning may require a specialist to reach those high and outside areas.

7. Damages & Forgotten Goods 

As a cleaner breezes around, they can easily spot things amiss. Whether that’s a broken ornament or tenants personal items left somewhere. 
In line with any inventory, this can provide helpful feedback to the landlord and managing agent to resolve with the outgoing tenant.

8. Short Term Lets 

So in addition to traditional AST lets, there is a whole new area of very short term almost overnight lets, particularly through intermediaries like Airbnb. 
Therefore make sure these are understood, and the workload and frequency fully accommodated for.

9.  Furnishing Right

Okay, at the end of the clean it needs to look pukka. So go the extra mile and make sure it does, whether its neatly piled towels in the bedroom, or a vase of flowers in the kitchen. 
This of course isn’t necessarily the cleaner’s role, but ask anyway, and see if they have any ideas and suggestions.

10. People Count

You have lots of people interests here, from landlords and managing agents, to estate agents, and then actual tenants themselves and other contractors. 
Know who’s involved and who calls the shots, and seek genuinely helpful ways to help others anyway 

Effective End of Tenancy Cleaning

Therefore before any cleaning is agreed and completed at the end of the lease, make sure the right people involvement, document-observance, time-scales, and check-lists are agreed in order to ensure that things are in tip-top condition. This will make sure things run like clock work and there are no nasty surprises.
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9 Top Tips For Cleaning Offices

As part of our commercial offering, we cover office cleaning in Birmingham and the wider West Midlands area for all forms of offices and business premises. 
Whether it’s a small office at home, or a large corporate client with separate occupied and communal areas, there are similar principles you can apply specifically for the office environment. 
Therefore here are our top 9 pointers to help out: 

1.Arranging Access

We have blogged here before on security and access arrangements in particular, with offices being a prime example of when this counts. Knowing access codes, or having keys and fobs can be accommodated. 

2.Right on Time

Cleaners tend to arrive early in the morning or early evening after the main office workers are away, so make sure this is clarified and there are no clashes with those using the areas. 

3.Respecting Privacy

By the nature of offices, there will be important documents lieing around, including people's own personal property, conversations and phone calls, and meetings. 
If in doubt then leave well alone, and make sure any Data Protection issues are clearly understood. 

4.Bread & Butter Cleaning

Make sure the basics are completed okay, mainly the vacuum cleaning or mopping of the floor covering, the dusting of exposed areas, and clearing away waste bins and general rubbish. 
Be clear on what exact areas are included, for example any computer screens and keyboards. 

5.Rubbish & Recycling

General waste paper and general bins will need to be emptied, with any external bins needing access for these afterwards. 
As office areas generate a lot of paper and card, there may need to be separate recycle requirements, and separate arrangements for say shredded paper and printer cartridges. 


They are often in communal areas, but can be within an a office area, and generally need daily cleaning with separate systems to ensure there is no cross-contamination here with none-toilet areas.
You may need warning signs as well for those still wanting to use these areas, for example the flip signs you often see on a freshly-mopped floor. 


These are generally not very large areas in offices, and may be just a sink, top, dishwasher, and microwave. But there can still be a huge pile of plates and pots at the end of the day that need a separate wash and then putting away, including fresh tea towels and consumables like hand washes.  

8.Making Things Flow

It needs to happen seemlessly, so make sure that no vacuum cleaner wires get in the way, no noisy machines are used when people are on the phone, and people are polite and respectful of those still using the office areas. 

9 .Compliance

This tends to be at a higher level for workplaces, therefore specific documents like risk assessment and cleaning schedules needing to be agreed and clearly communicated. 

The Best Office Cleaning in Birmingham & Beyond 

There are more considerations to cleaning offices than first meets the eye, whether that’s how to deal with unique areas like toilets and the kitchen area, or people and working issues like the right timing and causing little disruption. 
As you go through these top 9 tips, then the sooner you can begin effectively planning the clean then the best it will be for everyone, and making sure all relevant parties are included and final documentation issued. 
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