Adding that special wow-factor when you’re cleaning makes all the difference. Not only does it communicate that special touch to the person or customer you’re cleaning for, but it makes you as a cleaner in Birmingham feel so much better as well. It’s like adding the icing on the cake.

So here are some simple ideas to help do this:

1. Something Smelling Nice

Maybe a quick spray round to help leave a beautiful smell in the place for when people walk back in there.

2. Neatly Folded Towels

Wherever they are, to place them back all nice and neat. In the kitchen on the proper towel rail, or say on the handle of the oven. In the bathroom then on the rails or bath or basin side. If they won’t fit, then leave them nicely folded and piled, maybe even on top of a bed.

3. Things Neatly Stacked

Whether it’s paperwork on a desk, or items on a shelf, all nicely placed. Even if they have not been cleaned (although hopefully they have), simply making neat automatically creates the right impression. Be careful though that this is clearly just stacking, and it does not look like you’ve had to wade through any private information.

4. A Note

Real simple, but just a quick hand written note on any small subject, maybe mentioning that you’ve had to make sure something is stored away.

5. Half Starting Another Job

So as an example, if you have old bed linen and you know the person well enough that this will be washed straight away, then place in the washing machine and leave the door open slightly. Or another example is to finish some washing up and leave the pots drying at the side.

6. Go the Extra Mile

It may only be a small thing, but it shows that extra effort. Maybe a quick clean in the shared lobby area, or dealing with that pot-washing.

7. Getting Rubbish Ready

Not only emptying any rubbish in bins from say baskets around the home or business, but then getting them all in a bin bag and removing the rubbish, or leaving in an appropriate place and leaving nicely knotted.

8. Fresh Air

Maybe slightly leaving a window open either just when you clean or after to get some fresh air in, it’s amazing how this can really help feel fresh. Be careful though that it doesn’t make too cold or warm.

9. A Small Gift

This can be a little over the top, and often best for special occasions, but just a small gift, maybe a chocolate or something (and OK can be a little cheesy, something that you may see from a hotel and one on your pillows).

10. Ask For Feedback

So afterwards, simply call or text or ask them how it was, if there were anything that needed looking at. Make this sound positive, genuinely asking but that you’re assuming things are fine rather than looking for problems.