As people are preparing to be on holiday over the Easter period, we see a lot of desks and tables being cleaned and things tidied up. Whether it’s a whole array of desks in an office, or your desk at home for your business, now is a good time to get spick-and-span and have a good ol’ organise and de-clutter and general clean.

So here’s ten quick pointers to remember about cleaning and clearing your desk:

1. Get Rid of Paperwork

So file it, stack it, hole-punch it, or even just neatly pile it somewhere. You’ll keep dust and bits collecting around them, and one of the greatest things that can happen is to actually feel better once you’ve done this as it will help de-clutter and organise your mind and mental to-do list as well.

2. De-Dust and Adjust Computer Screens

You can use special wipes to help clear them as they can surprinsgly collect a lot of dust and rubbish. Also use the opportunity to check this screen or laptop is at the correct eye-line height and angle.

3. Wipe Surfaces

Start with a simple brush or duster, and progress to a full wipe with water and detergent. Make sure you get all those nasty coffee stains off the desk surface, or ink marks off anything. Make sure it’s a good clear-wipe as well with no excess water or smear marks left on.

4. Clean the Phone Up

It’s amazing how many germs get on these, particularly the head piece, so give it a good wipe, including around all the numbers. Oh yes, and unravel the chord to the headset.

5. Line Up the Drawers

Get everything in order, the stationery back in piles, take them all out and even a basic sweep of all the mess will help. A quick wipe of each item going back is also good.

6. Freshen Up Any Photos and Calendars

That will make a huge difference, even re-arranging them to a better position.

7. Check the Chairs Are Out

Make sure they’re cleaned, wipes, and also still adjusted OK in term of the right angle and height.

8. Add Something Nice and Smelly

So whether some lovely-smelling polish on the wood as you polish, or a free standing scent on the desk, it will help freshen up nicely.

9. Get Grime Out of the Keyboard

It has a habit of getting in between the keys, so maybe get a smaller vacuum cleaner or cotton bud to get them cleaned up.

10. Think of New Arrangements

So hey, what about moving the whole desk to a new position, or even getting into hot-desking if you’re in a busy office. Also think of where other furniture like filing cabinets go, as they could maybe stored more efficiently.

Contact Easy Cleaners this Easter for help clearing up your work areas.