Just look around your homes are see what old items you could throw away. Things that need renewing, ones that have just had their day, and those that could maybe last a little longer if you pushed it but it’s best sooner rather than later to change them.

But we can take 3 of these typical household items and see how they can help any cleaner in Birmingham, 3 great little ‘tools’ that any cleaner can now make use of (don’t forget to look into all areas of your home for items like these, including the garage and shed and loft areas for these gems)

1. Toothbrush

Yes grab those old toothbrushes and keep them aside. Give them a good clean of course first, and stash them into your cleaning area. You’re going to come across those nasty stains and marks that need more than a wipe, and but maybe not as harsh a ‘tool’ as an abrasive pad. Hence the brushes on a tooth brush can be of great help as almost a mini-brush to clean those areas.

They can also help clean minor things such as a dust in awkward places, for example on skirting boards or underneath or over cupboard edges. Plus, you can always add some kind of cleaning-substance that you need in order to do this more effectively than water, although make sure you clean and keep in the right place afterwards so it clearly won’t be used for any other purpose, certainly not cleaning teeth.

2. Old Clothes 

Ideally more torn and tattered the better, so leave the good stuff to charity and giving away to help people. Shirts are particularly useful as they have a good open span, but any kind of clothing will help out. On one side they’re helpful just as simple cloths and dusters, either as a whole or cut up with scissors, although be careful of frayed edges. Also, they can make good dust sheets and covers, for when you’re decorating or packing or simply need things protecting and covering.

3. Milk Carton

Take an old milk carton, clean it out, and it can be used for storing all kinds of nick nacks. You can store liquids in here, although use careful labelling and storage so safe and not mistakenly used as milk again. Alternatively, you can cut the top off and make as a good holder for items such as brushes. You can even cut off half the top, and make into a ‘scoop’ for using in grit bins at this time of year as a form of shovel to collect grit.