mini clean easy cleaners birminghamAs part of our mini cleaning service in Birmingham, we can provide those one-off cleans here and there to help keep on top of things. It may be just a quick spruce up after an event or DIY job, or just a little extra to keep on top of other things.
In addition to bringing in the cleaners to do this, or even doing yourself, we have helped local charities to encourage their own volunteers to muck-in with this as well. Not only for the regular cleaners that they have, bot more general building or activity users who with a little direction and training can soon help prepare things both before and after they use the space to keep on top of things. 
This basic housekeeping approach can pay surprising dividends over time, and help deal with that assumption that someone else will sort out the mess, and they’re there simply to use and enjoy the space.
So with this charity we help draft basic ‘Mini Cleaning’ procedures to include in training for all their volunteers, and then all building users and people hiring rooms. Under the golden rule of ‘leave things how you’d expect to find them’, this slowly helped create a better culture of people preparing rooms and keeping on top of things. 
So it wasn’t a full clean, and in actual fact people needed to know what they could not do as much as what they could do in order for the main charity cleaners to complete, but once established this was invaluable to help them do the basics.
In short, here are the simple 3 steps it boiled down, literally taken from the one-page Mini Clean summary we helped develop for them:  


* Move items back to where they should be like chairs, tables, and catering equipment
* Place rubbish in the nearby bin or take full bin-bags direct to the outside carpark bin (key on top
of fire-alarm panel)


* No mopping needed, just safely wipe up any spillages with a cloth to then dispose of or have
* Henry Hoover is kept near or in the ground-floor stairs cupboard


* Use dustpan and brush where needed
* Spray surfaces and wipe clear, no water is needed. Used cloths are placed in the black bucket under the first/second floor kitchen area
Obviously some of the information is unique to themselves, such as where things are practically stored, as it is important to get that level of detail in for people. Exactly what to do, where to get it, and as above what not to do as well.
Feel free to use and tweak this how you wish, or contact us for any more help and advice.