covid19 tuc easy cleanersWhen you’re dealing with cleaning business and commercial premises the requirements for effective Covid-19 cleaning can soon get very confusing. You might hear of special deep cleans here there and everywhere, and endless demands from all kinds of different occupiers and interests.

The answer should actually come in documentation like an amended Covid-19 Risk Assessment and Specification which has been adapted for the particular site and instruction in question - not just off the shelf.

However, before getting into the detail of this, here are three simple stages to the whole situation that we’re finding time and time again when looking into such cleaning contracts, whether in private business areas or shared parts of multi-let properties.

Therefore, here they are, in a handy ‘TUB’ acronym:

1. ’T’ is for Touch Points

This is the most risky and important parts of cleaning during these Covid-19 Coronavirus times, with such ‘touch points’ often now referred to.

In short, it’s all the areas where people tend to have most physical contact with, for example door handles, lift buttons, stair banisters, and even glass in doors and partitions.

Linked to this as well are areas where hygiene is particularly important, such as toilets and kitchen areas, and points like work tops and bins.

These are areas that may require an additional clean with the right detergent, although because they’re only the key areas then in reality they’re not as difficult and time consuming as you might first think.

2. ’U’ is for Usual Cleaning

That’s right, your bog standard cleaning that happened before Covid, and can generally stay the same even now.

If you’re dealing with high risk touch-point areas already, then the remaining cleaning may well be okay to tick along on more or less the same basis.

Of course the way this is done may need to be tweaked, for example additional PPE and special substances, but with the main tasks still being due.

In actual fact, rather than this automatically needing to increase at this time, check if it can decrease because of less use in such business buildings at the moment.

3. ’B’ is for Back-up Cleaning

And finally, prepare for worst case scenarios even though in reality you may not require these.

A full on deep-clean may be required to use the quieter times more productively, or as a back-up in case there are any reported cases of Covid-19 infection at the premises.

This is where you can bring in special measures such as ‘fogging’ at this time, which is a mist that is sprayed to allow clearance from Covid-19 risks for a month or so.

Having the Right Cleaning ‘TUB’ During Covid-19

Therefore, as you look at what needs to be arranged yourself or you’re needing to check what is already in place with a cleaning contractor of business premises, then this simple 3-stage approach can help steer you in the right direction.

Getting the right touch-points agreed is key in terms of which ones exist and when they’re cleaned, before then going back to the usual cleaning regime with any tweaks without over complicating things.

You can then have a back-up deeper clean ready to go now or in the future, after all, you never know what might suddenly happen.

If you need a more detailed look at your own situation, then contact us at Easy Cleaners for some immediate help and feedback.