When you talk about outside clearing, the most basic of cleaning tasks is sweeping. Having a brush and sweeping whatever external areas of rubbish is often top of the list of things to do, whether it’s a pathway or driveway, or a larger patio or car park area.

It’s often so simple and effective, you simply need to get on with to see just what a significant difference it makes. We’ve therefore got a few real simple points for this, ways to get this nice and easy:

1. Have a Good Brush Easy to Hand

Make sure it’s the right one for the job, maybe a larger stiff-brush for larger outside areas, or more nimble soft-brush one for simple and small areas. Have it easy to hand as well, proposed up behind your outside door, or even leaving outside if safe and protected. It’s then there good-to-go, easily accessible to use when you need it.

2. Get Used to Small Short Bursts at Brushing

Maybe every week, or even every day if it’s an area prone to lots of use. Half the battle is just deciding to do it, because once you do it ends up being a simple job that doesn’t take a lot of time really. It keeps on top of the mess so it doesn’t build up to an awful one that is then too daunting to tackle. It can also have motivational and health benefits as well – simple routines like this can keep you healthy and fresh, and amazingly be quick inspirational; a few minutes of doing something practical like this and seeing a tangible result afterwards can help boost your day.

3. Get Others Involved

Particularly say children, where it can be easy way to get them doing something. They can easily grab the brush and start sweeping away, maybe regular ones or as and when there is a mess, particularly their own mess. You can even add in an ‘incentives scheme’ such as extra pocket money.

4. Have a Plan to Clear the Final Rubbish

In most cases this will be lots of small piles of rubbish dotted around, for you to go around with a smaller dustpan and brush to then pick up and empty. This bit is easier with two people to help, particularly if you need someone to hold the bag of rubbish to shake these into, and make sure the piles are out of the way from being disturbed. There’s also the final awkward bits that never seem to get picked up, and may just need a final sweep away to scatter.

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