Cleaning up after some DIY can seem a daunting exercise, and beyond just normal cleaning duties. There’s maybe dust everywhere from drilling holes for a new shelf, or pieces of old wall paper scattered around, or maybe even wood chippings from trimming a door. If you launch into using the vacuum cleaner straight away you’ll probably hit problems, however it’s not as difficult as it may appear to easily get on top of this.

So here’s a few pointers to help break things down into realistic chunks:

1. Hand Pick-Up Bigger Bits

Quickly go around and pick up the big bits of wood or paper or wall plugs and screws, whatever they may be, and simply put them straight in the bin. This will not only help rid the big items that can potentially block your vacuum cleaner, but it will actually make you feel a whole lot better anyway; the area will look a lot clearer straight away, and that sense of some kind of accomplishment will inspire you to get stuck into the rest.

2. Sweep Up the Medium Sized Bits Left

So typically wood chippings are the worst, where you could theoretically use a vacuum cleaner although it will be pushed to its limits and really needs to be more heavy duty. So a simple dustpan and brush should suffice to get the next bits and bobs up, being careful that when you brush them it doesn’t send the bits flying everywhere other than the dustpan in front of the brush.

3. Use the Vacuum Cleaner to Get the Rest Up

It may take a thorough clean, but stick with it. You may also need to go over the same area a few times, pressing firmly down on the floor to make sure all the bits are vacuumed up. Afterwards, it’s best to try and empty the vacuum as soon as possible rather than keeping these larger waste items in there. You may also need to watch out for bits coming back out of the vacuum cleaner once you move it and the motor and suction power has stopped holding the items in there.

4. Give Things a Final Wipe Over if Needs Be

Typically the skirting boards and tops, and door sections and frames, and any surrounding furniture. Don’t underestimate where the aftermath of dust has ended up, so check other areas of the room and house or workplace as well.

5. Move Rubbish Items Out of the Way

Whether a separate bin bag or the main bin has been used, it’s probably now full of items so now’s the time to move these out to say the outside bin or take to the refuse tip.

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