Unfortunately the summer has now ended, we’re in the middle of September with kids and people back into daily life after the summer that-was, and nights now starting to draw in. Cleaning though still carries on irrespective of seasons, although saying that there are a few things to particularly pay attention to as we head into the autumn period – here’s 5 of them quickly:

1. Be Prepared For More Wintery Clothes Being Used

So those thick coats, fluffy jumpers, boots and water-proof shoes will start coming out, with less of those shorts and t-shirts and flip-flops. Now’s the time to get them out, make sure they’re clean and arrange any dry cleaning ahead of time, make sure there are no fusty smells, and store any summer clothes carefully away.

2. Watch Out for Kids Back into School Life

If you’re a parent you’ll know what we mean – the busy times in a morning and evening with the bathroom and kitchen, the chill-out areas around the TV and living room, and the focused homework study areas, all at the same time by everyone it seems. A great opportunity to make sure they’re clean and tidy, and involve kids in cleaning these as well, whether a daily routine or an extra clean at weekends for pocket money.

3. Spot the Outside Grime Coming In

Yes leaves are on the way down from trees, as well as general grime and water from rain. It all gets trodden into the house or business if you’re not careful, so keep on top of, maybe buy a new mat outside for people to wipe feet on.

4. Start Your Christmas List

OK it’s still over 3 months to go, but people will soon be starting with the Christmas bug. Why not think of those niggly cleaning items you need, that new vacuum cleaner or set of cloths, and let people know to put it on their Christmas list for you on the 25th December.

5. Don’t be Tempted to Hoard Things

As we enter darker and colder periods, you may be tempted to stuff things away in cupboards until next year’s spring clean, whether food in the kitchen cupboards or junk in the stairs store. Make a decision to do the opposite, and spend a Saturday afternoon say clearing things out, throwing things away, and carefully storing items that you do want to keep to nexk season.

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