The start of a new year is always a great cleaning opportunity to give your home a good old clean! The Christmas decorations need to come down, normal life picks up again, and it’s the start of New Year’s resolutions.

So here are 5 tips to get cleaner and sorted in January (even if you’ve already had a cleaner in Birmingham sort things out, these are great little tips to go back over or note for another time or even next year):

1. Pack Everything Away Properly

Christmas decorations and tree are the obvious ones, but there may be old unwanted Christmas gifts, or new and old items that just aren’t ready to throw or give away. Whatever they are, this will definitely pay off in the future, firstly by giving them lots of padding – newspaper, bubble wrap, or even softer items - these will make sure they don’t get damaged when they’re moved around. Secondly, give them a good clean, at least a quick dust – yes they’ll probably need doing again when they come back out, but it saves things sat there decaying away. Thirdly, make sure things are sealed correctly by sello-taping boxes or tying a known in any bag, it will stop things going in and falling out. Fourthly, make sure they’re stored in the right place, out of sight and where things like damp, flies or anything else can damage them.

2. Make Sure the Christmas Tree Needles Have Been Removed

For those who have a real tree in the house, will know how frustrating it can be once they start shedding their needles! To make matters worse, they go everywhere when you move them, and although any obvious ones will get swept or vacuum-cleaned up afterwards, they have a habit of getting in all kinds of nooks and crannies, particularly if thick similar-coloured carpet where they can so easily hide.

3. Make Use of Any Unwanted Gifts

There’s always some around, even those that had a good wow-factor when they were first seen but now just litter the home up and never actually get used. It’s drastic, but an ideal time to do something with them, even pack them away to use another time. If you don’t want or need them, then think about maybe giving them away to friends, or even your local charity shop. You could even look at re-selling on eBay. These are tough decisions to make, and will feel as if you’re betraying the original thought behind the person who gave these, although this is actually a good opportunity to do something useful with them rather than them just hanging around the house.

4. Get the Family Involved

Rather than falling on the shoulder of your normal household cleaners, get the rest of your family involved, particularly children and relatives. You can delete tasks, offer pocket money, even have a fun competition or celebratory meal afterwards.

5. Watch Out for the After-Math of the Christmas Mess

So stains, scuffs, scratches – you name it can be there from all the festivities. Have a careful look around as you clean, looking closely at anything that seems out of odds. Dealing with now rather than later when you or someone else will eventually spot will be a huge help.

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