There’s was an interesting article this week on the BBC news website all about bars of soap. According to a survey by Mintel, 71% of Brits buy bars of soap, compared to 87% who buy soap in liquid rather than solid form (interesting how there is an overlap in these figures where people appear to be purchasing both types).

You can understand how in today’s modern and quick age liquid form is far more convenient and easy to use, however they raise 5 interesting points on why good ol’ fashioned bars of soaps still have a 71% popularity, and only a question of them being just less popular than the modern liquid equivalents.

1. It’s What People Are Used To

Bars of soap have been around for 3,000 years apparently and empires have been built on the principle. They’re familiar, they’ve always been around, and therefore people carry on with them. If it isn’t broken, then it doesn’t need fixing, as the old saying goes.

2. They’re Classed as Being More Luxurious

They’re something solid, not in a flimsy pot. They can also come in a variety of different sizes, colours, textures, and designs – including the packaging which can make any bog-standard bar look amazing and a great gift item.

3. The Great Feeling of Scrubbing Yourself

To actually hold something in your hand, they say has physiological benefits as well a physical benefits. It can be relaxing, with a sense of purpose and achievement. It’s not just some wishy-washy lather of soap and water you’re washing around your body, but a whole block of soothing cleaning-bar.

4. It’s More Eco-Friendly

So with bottles approx. 60% of the cost is just in packaging, whereas with soaps you can just have a paper-based wrapping, rather than wasteful bottles which are then thrown away every time. Theoretically these bottles can be cleaned and used for another purpose or you could refill the same ones, but in reality it’s too much hassle. Also, back to the earlier point, this little piece of paper can often end up looking more luxurious at the same time.

5. The Bottles Are More Intricate

You often need two hands, they have awkward covers, and they can easily drip. With soap its simple, you just use as it is, although on the other side soaps do have a habit of easily sliding away when they do escape.

Soap bars are therefore still worth looking at though, particularity for those special moments and gifts. 

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