bedroom cleaning easy cleanersOur bedrooms are meant to be these serene rooms devoid of clutter, where we can escape from the busyness of our daily lives and enjoy a relaxing night’s sleep. In reality, though, our bedrooms are often a dumping ground for clutter that the rest of our homes won’t contain.

However, it is important that we keep our bedrooms as somewhere happy and relaxing, as this really will help improve the quality of your sleep. So, to help you get the best sleep possible, here are 5 tips for getting your bedroom organised:

1. Start with Your Worst Area

It’s always best to deal with the worst job first, as this helps keep your motivation up during your de-cluttering. This could be your wardrobe or perhaps under your bed, which are hotspots for clutter. To get yourself started, just start pulling everything out and put into different piles ready to be sorted and organised again.

2. Give Yourself Lots of Time

Unless you have a spare room, you’re going to need to sleep in your room that night. Which means you may need to split your bedroom clear out into different stages so that you have room to sleep at night.

To do this you may want to split your decluttering into different stages. For instance, you could concentrate on clothes (such as in a wardrobe and a chest of drawers) one day and then focus on shoes and general clutter on other days. This will also make the whole process feel more manageable too.

3. Only Keep What Your Really Need

In order to get yourself more space in your bedroom, you’re going to need to part with a few things. Which means, it’s time to get brutal with all those clothes, shoes and accessories that you’ve been keeping for years without ever using them. True, some might have sentimental value or memories attached, but you also need more space so try to be really sensible and only keep what you use.

When deciding what you’re not keeping, try to put these into three categories:

• Those you can sell
• Those you can give away
• Items that will be thrown away

4. Think of Ways to Add More Storage

Hopefully, by cutting down on your belongings, you will have gained more storage already. However, to keep your bedroom looking organised, it’s a good idea to add more storage options. For one, you could consider getting an ottoman bed, which allows you to store items in the bed frame. Or, you could look into underbed storage boxes.

Both of which give you plenty of storage without taking up more floorspace in your room. If you do have some spare space, though, you might want to think of another chest of drawers or a cube storage unit.

5. Make Life Easier for Yourself

Once you’ve spent so much time working on decluttering your bedroom, the last thing you want is to start taking bags or boxes of rubbish off to a skip or recycling centre. So, find those who can help easily take these for you, or remove at the same time as a general clean-up in your home in order to make it as productive as possible.

This has been provided by Kwiksweep who specialise in removing rubbish straight from people’s homes and have an active blog with relevant tips and tricks. You can also check out Easy Cleaners full range of cleaning services here.