Ikea are bringing out a new range of furniture where you can automatically recharge your mobiles through them. A great way to practically help charge mobile phones and devices that we have all become accustomed to for daily use and always seem to be needing to be charged up.

It’s often best for people to get a bit of a routine going with how to do this day-to-day, maybe through a charger in the car through the cigarette lighter, or a charger in the mains next to your bed and so your mobile can act as an alarm clock as well, or through a USB cable in your computer or even appliances like new computers.

From a cleaning perspective, these can cause problems when things don’t have a nice routine, and on the subject of these chargers, here are a few tips on how to effectively use them from a cleaning perspective:

1. Look at the Most Natural Place You’ll Tend to Leave Your Mobile on a Regular Basis

Maybe next to your bed, or in the car if you travel every day in it, or next to your main computer or TV. These could be at home, or at your workplace.

2. Have a Spare Back-up Charger

Yes it’s a pain, and yes an extra cost, but yes it will save the day when you loose the main charger around the home, or accidently leave in a hotel on holiday. Maybe select a different type though, even just a simple cable for a USB connection so you can keep somewhere safe.

3. Keep the Charger and Cables Secure So They Don’t Get Lost

This isn’t as bad if they’re permanently plugged in somewhere, but even then it may be worth rolling the cables up and making sure they’re not tripped over. You can also get some clever cable holders that are useful to stick on nearby places to keep hold of cables including those from say laptops for when you remove them.

4. Think of Non-Cable Options

So maybe a speaker system that you can drop your IPOD or mobile onto to not only have charged up, but help create an audible sound. It then simply clicks in, o as in the case of this new Ikea range, see what pieces of furniture can practically help with this.

5. Consider Them Looking Better

So maybe different colours, or designer covers to go around them. This can help make them a decorative feature, as well as stand out and easily see them to use.

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