Making things smell nice is critical, something that is so often over looked by Birmingham cleaners. When there is an awful odour and smell is when it is resorted to as a reactive way of trying to remove the nasty smell as soon as possible, often through a spray, a classic example being in toilet areas.

If you look at this proactively though, then having that great smell all the time can make a vast difference, it helps stimulate that extra fifth sense of smell in tandem with thing looking great, sounding good, and feeling smooth and clean. When it’s there you suddenly notice it and the difference it makes, when not then most people will unfortunately not even be aware of what’s needed.

So here are a few practical ways to get things smelling nice around your home or business. It’s not at all exhaustive, but covers the popular ways where you’ll easily be able to buy something smelly from your local supermarket or store:

1. Scented Candles

As it says on the tin, it’s a normal candle with wax and a wick that you light, although as well as looking cosy with the flame, it lets of an aroma when it is lit. The advantage is that it’s easy to apply, you don’t need electrical power, and you can easily place where you need there-and-then and get a nice candle light. The downside is that you need to be careful with them, and can only be used when they’re lit.

2. Smelly Plugs

You have a plastic plug that you place into a mains electricity socket, and then attach a small bottle of smelly stuff. The electricity helps power puffs of this ‘smell’ into the air at certain times, and helps automate the process over a period of time. A popular way, although depends upon having a power supply.

3. Battery Boxes

Similar principle to above, but a standalone box with small batteries in that provide the automated ping or aroma, a great way of utilising modern technology to help bring your room to life. You’ll need to check the way in which they do this though, some are on a timer, others based upon movement being detected.

4. Fragrance Sticks

Where you have a bottle of perfume with wooden sticks coming out to slowly emit an aroma. No ‘power’ needed to do this but the advantage of a slow release of the smell over time rather than all at one.

5. Aroma Block

Simply a plastic box, where you take the wrapper off the front and the smell is emitted. Simple, cheap, but happens quickly.

6. Slick Spray

A classic spray that you can use to help sharpen up any room there and then, not only to get rid of nasty smells but add that nice effect.

Either way you look at these, an essential part is that they are on-going which therefore means that they will need some kind or replacement or refreshment, whether that’s a whole new smelly-piece in just over a month’s time, or a manual spray or candle being lit.