When you are running low on time and resources, and need to have a quick dash around an area to check the standard of cleaning and carry out just a few quick tricks to freshen up, then here’s some top tips to help you out. They’re not the full-monty, but they can help keep on top of things:

1. Get Rid of Rubbish

If bins are full then empty them, if bags are lying around then move them to the bin. If there is obvious loose rubbish then bag them, or even just hide them away out of sight and in a safe position until they are correctly removed.

2. Freshen Up Toilet Areas in Particular

Make sure toilet roll is there OK, there’s no obvious mess around, and even just quickly wipe around the toilet basin (or sink with separate cloth) to freshen up nicely. Oh yes, and close the toilet lid as well.

3. Get Rid of Any Smoking Butts

They have a habit of appearing outside, particularly on business premises, and even in official non-smoking areas as people still smoke outside. Even with special cigarette-butt stores they can still be left on the floor and look messy.

4. Check all Floors For Any Notable Bits to Pick Up

So even without the time or equipment to vacuum or sweep, simply walk the floors and hand pick up any small pieces of paper of bits and bobs. It’s amazing how these can stick out to the casual observer and suggest a lack of general cleaning.

5. Try the Finger Wipe

So whether it’s a stairs banister handle, or a skirting edge or surface, wipe your finger on to judge any mess or dust, and grab a quick cloth if needs be and quickly wipe over.

6. Check Out Window Glass Areas

Particularly when you’re at the right angle with sunlight, as all those hidden dirt and smear marks can stand out, and could do with a quick wipe down. Be careful though that you don’t cause more smears, therefore it may be worth looking to hide them behind a curtain or blind or vase of flowers in front until it can be done correctly.

These little tricks for cleaners Birmingham can be best just on your own with no one else around, so you’re not distracted, and can carefully look at things without people being wary of why you’re doing it. Any quick cleaning tasks can then be effectively done just there-and-then.