For those involved with small businesses and initiatives, whether start-ups or more established organisations, the focus will quite rightly be what generates business and profit. This includes products, clients and customers, staff and colleagues, and business cost reductions.

The little details of how they present themselves in their space are often overlooked, but are ever so important to give that fresh, cutting-edge first impression that is essential in order to attract custom and grow as a business. If you’re an innovative entrepreneur at the head of things, then this kind of detail may be off your radar. Asking a colleague or staff member to pay attention to these things can be a great help to make sure points of presentation are not ignored.

The good news is that it will only take a few things to get back on track. As local cleaners in Birmingham dealing with office and business spaces, we often see mistakes made like this.

Here are 6 of our top tips to make sure that you make the most of any office, corporate event, hot-desking space or conference suite in order to maximise that first impression: 

1. General De-Clutter

Keeping things clear and tidy is critical to that right first impression, whether it’s moving stationery items away, keeping drinks facilities neatly together, or having somewhere to place coats and clothes; it all helps. If there’s nowhere to place them, then consider storage boxes or hidden areas that you can use. Remember to make sure that whatever is left on show is cleaned up nicely, for example ensuring that glassware is crystal-clear without any stains.

2. Clearing Floors

Not only a quick vacuum around, but making sure bins are empty, loose cables are moved and made tidy, and any general items are carefully placed out of sight. Whether it’s walked-in mess on the floor, or untidy things scattered around, visitors will quickly spot any shabby-looking areas. 

3. Clean Surfaces

Whether it’s obvious ones like desks and tables, or not-so-obvious ones like tops of skirting boards, chairs, and equipment, it’s amazing what a quick wipe will do. It’s always good to have the tools around so that staff can quickly wipe things down. It doesn’t have to be a full scrub-down, just keep some cloths and sprays handy to help easily clear the dust and leave a nice aroma.

4. A Pleasant Aroma

On the subject of keeping things smelling nice, as well as a quick spray around, look at other things like fragrance sticks or plug-in air fresheners. It doesn’t need to be too intense, but you’ll be amazed how triggering this fifth sense in people will signal great things about your environment.

5. The Right Lighting

Good lighting is something that can be easily ignored, as your options tend to be having standard ceiling-lights that switch either on or off. However, additional or alternative lighting can create the right ambience and comfortable environment. Simple desk and reading lights, or floor lights and spots around the edges of the room can all help, some even available with batteries and not needing power sources. 

6. Presenting Flowers

It’s a classic, but it works. Whether a whole fresh bunch nicely arranged in a vase or just simple artificial flowers (ideally in complimentary colours to your environment) it adds that special personalised touch to your workspace. 

First Impressions Always Count

Unfortunately you might have spent a long time with a deep-clean of hidden areas, but it's the smaller more obvious things that count and provide that ever-so-important first impression. 

These six tips will help you bling up your area nicely to make sure that first impression is at its best.