We’ve been asked about electric blankets this week, what with the weather turning for the worst and below freezing temperatures. Particularly for older and larger properties where the heating isn’t central heated, they are a good option to help keep the chill at bay when you’re in bed or lounging around your home, and helping to save costs in trying to heat the rest of the room.

So here’s a few pointers to think about, not just technical points about what particular ones to get, but the whole idea of whether they’re really worth getting this winter 

1. Decide on Under or Over Blankets

This seems to be one of the main distinguishing factors with electric blankets, the former being ones you place on top of your mattress but under your bed sheet so the heat comes up from the base of the bed, the later where you place on top of the bed. Whether you want the heat on all the time when you’re in bed as opposed to just a short burst of warmth for when you first go to bed will help determine this, plus the convenience and appearance of being on-show on top or hidden underneath.

2. Remember the Safety Issues

A lot will be common sense, but important to note each particular one and make sure that they’re new and accordingly vetted as being safe. Also note things like these should not be used for children.

3. Check Out How to Clean

So look carefully at this from the start, how you deal with say any spillages, and how you can regularly even machine wash some of these (contact us for help with local cleaners in Birmingham).

4. Look at Other Alternatives

So instead of maybe the cost, hassle, and appearance of a blanket, then you can look at other options to keep warm this winter. So maybe a hot water bottle that will nicely warm the bed and often keep warm all night long, or simply having some extra electric heaters around which can also help warm the whole air space. You could maybe even look at some comy slippers to be warm when you’re going into or leaving bed, or some comfy think socks to sleep in.

5. Consider What They Actually Look Like

So ideally see them in person rather than on a photo when you internet shop, for example at Duelm where you can see what they actually look like and ask an assistant to help decide. You can also make sure they are the right colour to match your décor, and texture/thickness to get that right wow- and comfort-factor.

6. Get the Right Spec

So once you’ve got the basics right then go into the detail, for example the right size and then the right temperature and timer settings for the actually heat.

7. Don’t Forget the Sofa

So as well as or even instead of just your bed, think how else you could make use of an electric blanket, for example by more of a throw as you snuggle up on the sofa.