Rubbish is becoming a big thing, and as local cleaners around Birmingham we’re seeing it all the time. As well as the average home and business generating a lot more waste generally, the way we need to dispose of it is becoming more involved as well. So rather than just slinging it into the nearest bin, there are issues about recycling parts, and arrangements being needed for any additional rubbish that is generated.

Here’s 7 tips to help make the most of all this rubbish:

1. Remember That Scrap Metal is Worth Something

You can even leave old metal items on the pavement and a local man-and-a-van will probably come around to gladly collect (officially they should have a note from the council to authorise this). You can also coordinate through websites like to make it a bit more organised.

2. Contact the Council About Unusual Things

So if you need a special collection, including items like fridges which need special disposal arrangements, and to find out about local council tips to drop off things direct and any bookings needed for this.

3. Look Into Alternatives to Skips

These skips can cost a fortune, plus the VAT you often can’t claim back as well. It’s therefore worth seeing if there are any better-value and eco-friendly ways of disposing things, including making use of council services as above. Also, there are independent services like clearabee who can offer a good service and collect straight from where the rubbish is.

4. Recycling

It’s a pain, but think about what items can be separately recycled. If you don’t already have separate bins from your local council, then check with them if this is possible. Alternatively, see where local drop-off points are such as for bottles and paper.

5. The Power of Bin Bags

They’re great to seal things in safely, but make sure they are tightly knotted and sealed, you’re not being wasteful and making the most of each bag (not overloading), and also using them for bins around the home as they help collect everything which can be easily removed all at the same time.

6. Watch Out For Food

This will soon rot and smell and attract all kind of nasty germs and pests. So keep them stored-and-sealed, maybe throwing some food on the garden area outside to benefit your local birds and wildlife.

7. Keep Things Washed

The insides of bins can soon get smelly, therefore will need a good clean out every so often. Your outside bins can cope with a more robust clean with say a hose pipe, whereas the inside ones need a bit more tlc.

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