When it comes to finding cleaning services in Birmingham, we’re happy to discuss all of your cleaning needs whether they are domestic residential or commercial. We have a comprehensive range of different services and are sure to have something to suit your every need. Take a look through some of our more frequently requested services.

General Clean - our service that offers a general breeze through any home. This can include vacuuming the house, wiping clean any surfaces, dusting away any cobwebs, getting rid of rubbish and household waste as well as tidying away general household items. This can be done for you on a one-off basis as needed or as a regular appointment.

Spring Clean - You don’t have to wait for Spring to ask for this service. Simply pick up the phone and give us a call. We’ll be happy to send over one of our professionals to give your home or place of work a clean through all the spaces.

Builders Clean - Had the builders around? Need to get rid of all that dust and mess that they’ve left behind? We’re on hand to help clean up after they have finished the project. Alternatively we can arrange to have a tidy up after each day that they are on the job.

Pre- and End- Tenancy Clean - Give us a call to have us come over and give the place the once over before your new tenants move in. We’re equally happy to provide our expert services if you’re moving out of your rented accommodation and need to have the place cleaned.

Mini Cleans - These are increasing in popularity due to how practical they are. Don’t wait until you need a big clean for us to visit. Get us around and we will take care of the day to day tasks so you don’t have to. We’re happy to help you with everyday tasks or more demanding jobs.

Event Cleans - Having a party or some kind of event? Who wants to clean up after all that at the end of the night? Instead make an appointment for us to come around and clear up for you. We are happy to accommodate late hours and working with any other staff if that would be helpful.

Corporate Business Clean - As mentioned before we are happy to undertake commercial cleans as well as domestic ones. We have the right professionals on hand for all types of commercial needs. Whether it is a space that is wholly occupied by your business or a space that is shared with another, we are happy to comply with any health & safety policies as necessary.

Kitchen Clean - We’re happy to work on just your kitchen if that is a source of concern for you. We know how it is. The kitchen can often be a messy and chaotic place with it being the centre of the house. Let us take care of cleaning the chrome sinks and microwaves, ovens and fridges for you.

Bathroom Clean - This is just as the Kitchen Clean but for bathrooms. So we’re happy to send you one of our professional cleaners to keep on top of the bathroom and toilet areas. This will include cleaning the tiles and wash basins, shower screens, all mirrors and toilets.

Decor Clean - This service allows us the scope to take care of a number of jobs that regularly fall into within the scope of other services. Leave it to us to change lightbulbs, attend to the grout on tiling and the sealants around kitchen tops and tap fittings. Let us have a look and we shall determine what work needs doing and carry it out for you.

Housekeeping Clean - This borders on general housekeeping and will see us send you a cleaning expert who will make beds, clear up children’s toys, organise shopping, water plants and do washing up or load dishwashers. Other services can be discussed too.

Floor Cleaning - We can clean whatever type of floor you have to throw at us! Carpets, tiles etc. we can handle them all with our professional equipment.

Ironing - Few people actually enjoy ironing so why not let us handle it all for you? Our professionals can turn up at your door to take the ironing away or they can complete the job at your home.

Window Cleaning - Don’t go climbing ladders and sloshing buckets of water around in an effort to clean your windows. Let us take care of things for you in our professional manner. We will clean all parts of the windows - inside and out - including the glazing, cills and frames.

CONTACT US TODAY and we will be happy to offer a free recommendation and immediate assistance for your needs.