another name for office cleaner easy cleanersThey are often called an ‘office cleaner’, and people do often ask what an alternative name is for a cleaner who cleans office areas.

In actual fact, we find that a simple name of an office cleaner is the best name to call such a cleaner, which everyone can understand and describes what it says on the turn.

However, you can come across over names for such cleaners, particularly when they are involved in other tasks at the commercial property rather than just the basic cleaning side of things.

Whichever name you use, then it's best then to stick with this so that everybody is clear on this going forward.

So, whether that's in the job description or the name that everyone mentions when talking about this important role part at an office block; here are a few alternative names for office cleaners that you may come across:

1. A Janitor

This is actually an American phrase, which refers to a cleaner often at commercial buildings and undertaking additional tasks such as replenishing hygiene stock and focusing on toilet and kitchen areas.

In addition - removing rubbish and litter, carrying out security duties, and organising or carrying out maintenance and repair tasks, similar to a housekeeper.

2. A Housekeeper

This is primarily referred to as a domestic property, of course, with names such as a Cleaning Maid. But you can find this referred to within office building, including tasks to generally make the property operate for everyone, not just the office cleaning.

For example, arranging post and mail, dealing with inquiries and visitors, arranging the tradesmen and supply deliveries, and keeping records or logs at the property.

3. A Caretaker

This is more common for office blocks which people can relate to and include the wider management of that particular building.
Other variations of these include Custodians and an Office Maintenance Manager or Officer.

These again will tend to include other jobs at the office building, including dealing with day-to-day inquiries from people and visitors and other contracts and services. If an office cleaner is also involved with these tasks, this new title can be seen with little reference to cleaning upon first impressions.

4. A Facilities Manager

This is often for larger properties, where there is a much wider remit of duties than basic cleaning.

This forms what is known as ‘soft services’ and involve other tasks such as window cleaning, general inspections, any needed maintenance and repairs either directly or through arranging contractors.

What's in a Office Cleaner Name 

When looking at the name of the cleaner at an office block or commercial building, then it's important to understand exactly what duties they are carrying out.

If these are just basic cleaning, simply referencing an office cleaner will be okay to use.

However, if there are other duties such as the wider day-to-day issues at the property and organising of other services, then these other titles can be considered.

Whichever name or a title is eventually used, this needs to be clearly communicated to everyone. Ensure there is a full job description, including specific tasks and timeframes for everything to be carried out by the office cleaner.