autumn tips easy cleanersAs the nights begin to darken, the leaves fall off the trees, and the weather takes a turn for the worse - we can all see autumn now creeping in.

Before we get into the harsh winter, now is an important time of change from the summer, and therefore even when it comes down to cleaning chores it's worth seeing what needs looking at.

Even just some simple principles taken seriously and implemented can soon mean you are nicely on top of things; therefore here are seven key ones to note.

1. Changing Clothes

The ideal course of action is to pack away your summer clothes and bring out the winter ones, whether that's the big coats or the warm jumpers. Or even if this is more ad-hoc, you'll begin using a whole new series of clothing.

Therefore make sure these are all good to go, nicely aired-out, and maybe even dry-cleaned. Even if cleaned before storage, they can soon re-appear with not-so-nice odours to deal with and cleanup.

2. Outside Grub-Up

All those patio areas or driveways may well need a quick tidy-up and even scrub-down before the poorer weather sinks in. Although worse weather is to follow, by taking the edge off now you'll make sure things don't get built up for later problems.

Plus, it forces you to have a good old de-clutter, so maybe put things like barbeques away for the winter so they don't rust.

Even dealing with repairs like leaking gutters on your roof can help to stop much bigger repairs developing in the deep winter period.

3. Ready for Leaves

We have a post here on some leaf-clearing tips anyway, the best advice is to nip them in the bud early and stop them building up.

This not only saves leg-work later, but reduces issues like slips and trips, as well.

4. Gritting Up

Okay, this may seem miles away, deep snow and ice, but in actual fact now’s the time to get ready.

So get a few piles of grit in place, make sure shovels and spades are cleaned and are ready to use, and you're then able to easily crack-on when it does turn bad later in the year.

5. Getting Ready For The Heat

It's inevitable of course, the heating system will need to go on soon, if not already.

As a basic step, make sure it's working okay and all correctly serviced. After a long period of no use it's amazing how problems can soon come to light just when you really need things working.

But also make sure everything is nice and clean around them as well, after all, they can get piled up with all kinds of junk that may cause a fire-hazard once they get cranked up.

And just on the subject of temperature, you'll tend to see lots of more clothes-drying inside at this time of year, so again make preparations, whether that's making space, or getting the right kit in.

6. Getting Serious Cleaning Gear

So it's all about things like mops and vacuum cleaners to deal with the hard graft of autumn weather being trampled inside. So maybe get some new equipment ready to go, or even just a new bag for the vacuum and mop-head ready for some big use.

Good old cloths may also need a beef-up, as they have to deal with full-on soaking and hard-use for, say, removing muddy stains.

7. Making the Most of Mats

They're so simple, but so effective - the good old mat, particularly at key points like entrance doors.

Whether that's getting new ones, or sprucing up the old ones, now's the time to get them ready-to-roll with the harsher autumn times ahead.

Cleaning Action for Autumn

As we head into the autumn period, even something as simple as cleaning needs a few tweaks and changes to make sure the season doesn't get the better of you. Whether this is for your business or home, this will affect everyone.

Therefore go through these above pointers and see what needs doing - or bring in the local easy cleaners to help you out.