birmingham city newhall street easy cleanersPeople often don't realise how property access can prove a real challenge regarding regular cleaning activities. Even if items are stored on-site, the regular cleaners still need to get there, plus replenishing stock as and when required.

The city centre of Birmingham is an excellent example of this, whether it's for regular office cleaning instruction or end-of-tenancy cleaning of an apartment.

Whether that's the core New Street and Colmore Row areas of Birmingham or fringe areas like up-and-coming Digbeth and the Jewellery Quarter.

Therefore, here are three key factors to bear in mind with these sorts of locations and get confirmed with any local Birmingham cleaning company:

1. Watch out for events

These can often cause havoc with what areas you can and can't access in Birmingham, with the vehicle and pedestrian access and possibly additional security requirements.

The Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022 is a great example, although affecting more the outer areas of Birmingham and encouraging more visitors here.

The famous German Market at Christmas is also a regular one to look out for in November and December.

Plus, watch out for special one-off events, such as the Symphony Hall, and even late-night shopping at the Bull Ring.

2. Clarify the CAZ charge

This came in last year and has caused havoc with older vehicles needing to pay a Clean Air Zone charge when driving in the core city centre within the inner ring road area.

This soon adds up with an £8 per day charge, and Birmingham City Council has been roofless with charging these and not quickly allowing appeals.

Unfortunately, we learnt the lesson the hard way with some vehicles being caught and ended up looking at smaller and more energy-efficient electric vans to add to the fleet!

One-off visits can be manageable if you still have older vehicles, but you need to look at changes or factor in these higher daily charges for regular jobs.

3. Planning for transport changes

This can also be a sore subject, whether train strikes are kicking in, road works are changing routes and causing traffic delays, or buses are late.

For regular cleaners accessing the city centre, this is important to keep an eye on and has caused us to even look at the viability of using scooters in Birmingham or even purchasing our own version of this.

Linked to this are car parking charges and locations, not only the cost but the practicalities of paying this through online and telephone-based parking accounts and working around the permitted time slots.

Cleaning up your act in the centre of Birmingham

Although city centre jobs in high-rise apartment blocks and glamorous offices can seem very appealing, it's essential to regularly consider all the practicalities of accessing these areas.

After all, punctuality and consistency are critical factors in a cleaning service.

Therefore, take these factors into account, not only one-off but on regular cleans, to easily accommodate any week-on-week changes the city throws at you.

Alternatively, contact us to sort all this out for you.