glass cleaningWhether you have glass shower doors which have left-over water marks, want to know how to clean a mirror glass surface or simply want to shine up your windows we’ve got you covered! Read on for our top tips to cleaning glass surfaces around the house.

How to Clean a Mirror, Window and Other Glass Surfaces

With these simple steps, as local domestic and commercial cleaners we’ll show you how to bring the sparkle back to the glass around your home.

1. First, Choose Your Cleaner

You can buy commercial products which will do the trick but why not make your own. This is not only eco-friendly but will also save you money. Try this:

• Mix 1-part rubbing alcohol, 1-part vinegar and 2-3 drops of washing-up liquid.
• Add it to a spray bottle.

2. Dust or Wipe Down the Glass Before you Clean it

Making sure you remove dust, dirt and grime from the surface of your windows, mirrors and other glass will prevent you from causing scratches.

3. Be Generous When Using Your Cleaner

Spray it liberally over the glass surface, making sure you have enough to cover the entire area.

4. Rub the Surface is a Variety of Directions

Move your chosen cleaning material (ideally a lint-free cloth such as microfibre!) in a circular motion, followed by up-and-down and finally a side-to-side motion.

5. Avoid Streaks With Newspaper

This may come as a shock, but old newspapers are the best thing to use for a streak-free finish.

6. Keep on Top of the Cleaning

The best way to avoid glass becoming cloudy and stained is to keep on top of the cleaning. For example, mirrors and shower glass should be cleaned at least once a week.

The Dos and Don’ts of Cleaning Glass

Here are 6 important dos and don’ts you need to know about cleaning glass.

• DO use the right materials. Paper (such as old newspapers) and microfibre are ideal for cleaning glass surfaces and leaving them streak free.

• DO follow manufacturer’s instructions. If you choose to use a commercial cleaner, make sure you always check the label and follow the usage advice outlined.

• DO consider making your own cleaners. Not only are homemade cleaners more natural, they will also help you save money!

• DON’T be afraid to ask for help. If there are areas you can’t reach, make sure you ask for help. Alternatively invest in extendable cleaners.

• DON’T use cotton. This will leave lint behind on your glass!

• DON’T take too long. The quicker your work, the better your glass will look. Make sure you have everything you need at the ready and carry it around with you.

So, whether you want to achieve streak-free windows or simply need a recipe for a homemade glass cleaner you now have everything you need!