ppe products cleaning easy cleanersAs you face the daunting task of cleaning your home or business, you can freeze in confusion about what exactly you need to ‘get’ in order to do this.

What fancy mop and cloth is required, or which is the best spray?

And particularly now with the Covid-90 coronavirus outbreak when people are forced to do this more themselves at home, whether they like it or not.

But don’t panic – here are 5 simple items.

Well, to be technically correct, 10 items across two lists, each holding 5 items each (check out our full PPE guide here):

5 Essential PPE Items

PPE, or in its full definition is Personal Protective Equipment, is all about what items of clothing or gear you really need to wear in order to keep yourself safe from germs and cleaning products.

So, let’s begin with the first group of 5 – the main cleaning PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that you need to get hold of:

1. Gloves

An absolute must in these Covid-19 times, whether quick disposable ones or those like marigolds that can be used afterwards after careful cleaning.

2. Masks

Worth a mention, although not as important as you may think in terms of an effective means to stop things being breathed in.

A definite must though with higher-risk areas and potential fumes.

3. Head Gear

Whether it’s a hair tie or a full-on cap, these can help keep your hair out of the way for both hygiene purpose and making sure other people and objects are not exposed.

4. Aprons

Helpful to not only stop unwanted items going on a person, but also the pockets can eb being handy to easily carry substances and items around.

5. Old Clothes

A not-so-common one, but can be worth making sure that you use old clothes that can get messy and even damaged.

5 Important Cleaning Products

Once you have the right PPE in place, you then simply need to select the right cleaning prices of equipment and products:

1. Cloths

Easy peasy, something to help wipe surfaces clean.

Ideally go for the microfibre ones which can be easily cleaned and re-used again, although disposable ones are good for one-off messy tasks like cleaning toilet basins and then throwing them away.

2. Scrubbers

Use sparingly, as they can cause damage to surfaces, but a good scrubber (like those when washing pots) can work a treat with stubborn marks.

3. Dusters

In particular the ones on a long pole and a nice fluffy end to them.

Very helpful for reaching those high light fittings and picture rails, or smaller dusters for say quickly behind furniture.

4. Hot Soapy Water

Dead simple, just a hot water with a sprinkle of washing up liquid.

However, an easy development on this is your standard cleaning spray for surfaces to simply spray on in order to then wipe away afterwards.

5. Bleach or Detergent

Time to bring in the heavy-mob for horrible areas like the inside of toilets and floor marks.

Just be careful on how you handle them, and what mixture of water you require, as these can case harm

The ‘5x5’ Way of Tackling Cleaning

As you face the task of getting stuck into cleaning during these Covid-19 coronavirus times, don’t worry, it’s not as bad as you think.

Once you get geared-up with the basics, you will soon get into the gist of it and be wondering what all the fuss was all about.

Just remember to keep it simple, with most of these items being easily available from your local stores or online. Don’t get bogged-down with certain makes and brands so much as just getting the right ones and getting going.

You’ll then soon get into the groove and change any items as and when in due course.