As local Birmingham cleaners, we become involved in all scenarios to help customers keep their domestic or commercial properties clean and tidy.

One of these is when people are selling their homes (or maybe even business premises), and we can help with a final clean for the new owners to take the key.

One of the essential principles is ensuring that the building is CAREFULLY emptied and left – often through an external removal company to remove all the furniture and personal items.

In a recent example where we worked closely with the customer and the removal company – the ideal situation – we took a few pictures to help show some essential tips for getting these right.

If you can ensure the house is cleared this way, you’re on to an easier way of finishing the final cleaning!

So here goes fifteen points to note when clearing property to help with the final cleanup:

1. Have cleaning items ready in case needed

1 equipment easy cleanersA simple brush or even mop will do the job nicely, whether people have a spare moment to sweep up the mess or they need to clear up an accident.

When moving furniture around, you tend to find all kinds of hidden dust, grime and unwanted items that can be easily cleaned up there and then.

2. Check outside areas are also clear

2 outside easy cleanersDon’t forget these – whether an outside patio in this instance and leaves etc., and even a kids trampoline which was removed in this case, or outside garages and sheds to look into.

Plus, when they remove these often bulky items with lots of accrued mess on them, they can cause extra external cleaning afterwards.

3. Bags of rubbish ready

3 rubbish easy cleanersFrom experience, you can never have enough!

An easy way to keep on top of bits and bobs you see to throw away, plus maybe separate recycled ones from general waste.

4. Damage to doors and frames

4 damage easy cleanersThis is a classic issue, often at the bottom of a door frame or skirting board where furniture has scuffed.

However, these may have been there already rather than from the move. Therefore, a good removal company will help you take photos of these (and significant items of furniture) to keep a detailed log of things.

5. Remember hidden storage cupboards

5 storage easy cleanersThese can be everywhere, from under the stairs and roof of top-floor rooms or down in basements.

Have a good look inside each one, and be clear on how far each one needs clearing and cleaning – and be aware that disturbing this may cause even more debris.

6. Lights are working okay

6 lights easy cleanersJust look up, and often bulbs have gone and need replacing, which may worsen if furniture items accidentally hit these.

Plus, general cobwebs and dirt mean they often need a good ol’ clean.

7. Holes in walls from picture

7 picture holes easy cleanersYikes, these can be very unsightly and only really seen once removed.

Be clear on whether these need taking out, as they can cause even more dust when you do and look even worse with large holes left.

8. Built-in cupboards and drawers

8 built in cupboards easy cleanersYou’d be surprised how people mix these up with temporary ones that can be taken away.

Not only check every drawer and shelf in these but agree whether items like coat hangers stay or go.

9. Loose items left

9 loose items easy cleanersThis can happen in surprising instances, like these curtain tiebacks where that can’t be kept on wall hooks.

Therefore, carefully keep these somewhere and give them a quick dust down if needed.

10. Furniture items kept together

10 furniture parts easy cleanersA good removal firm will help you properly pack up furniture with every piece accounted for and packed up.

Double-check that they are all present and correct, but any noticeable quick clean-down has happened to stop moving dirty parts elsewhere.

11. Wrapped up furniture

11 furniture easy cleanersSome items, like a mattress, need a complete cover-up and wrapping with parcel tape to help protect the item in the move and limit damage to others and the house.

12. Window panes clear

12 window cleaning easy cleanersOnce you move curtains and blinds out of the way, it's amazing how dirty window panes can soon literally come to light!

Therefore, see if there is an easy win to clean the inside (and outside) of these.

13. Carpet areas being affected

13 carpet edges easy cleanersCarpets and edges around them can be a pain when cleaning, with dust often building up right at the edges.

Plus, once you move furniture like bed posts, you can soon fund recessed holes in the carpet that need some TLC.

14. Sticky film on walkways

14 carpet film easy cleanersAn essential job for a professional removal company is to place temporary plastic wrapping on the floors being walked on by the removers.

Make sure this is also in the main walkway of each room and the stairs and landings – and of course, removed okay afterwards.

15. Scuff marks on walls

15 scuff marks easy cleanersLast but not least, a classic issue of scuff marks on the walls!

Often this can’t be helped, and hopefully, it can be easily removed by careful rubbing down with a cloth and warm water.

Cleaning up the removal act

As you make arrangements to finally clear a property ready for a sale or new letting, don’t get in a frenzy with last-minute panic decisions that you pay for later on with unexpected marks and even damage to the property that needs cleaning and repairing.

Go through these tips and discuss carefully with others, whether an external removal company or other friends and colleagues involved with this.

Agree on who does what and when this is – even down to ensuring all the extra items are purchased and ready to use.

It should then be an easy clean – like all cleaning services when appropriately planned.