It’s never good to come across rubbish like this suddenly appearing outside! Unfortunately, it is easy for people to ignore it or genuinely not know how to clean it up and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

This example is at the back of some industrial units where ‘someone’ has progressively been leaving bagged and other rubbish here. A good local Birmingham cleaning company will always try to find out what caused it, whether a specific occupier or an unauthorised person.

fly tipping remove cleaning birminghamWe come across this in all other cleaning situations around the then Birmingham area, whether an end-of-tenancy clean with rubbish left both inside or outside the house or flat or a more extensive commercial clean where we need to work alongside an external landscaper to resolve.

Whatever the situation, don’t panic - it can be sorted!

Here are three primary stages to go through, all beginning with the letter R:

1. Rid it

The obvious one is to, of course, remove all this rubbish as soon as possible!

However, make sure this is done correctly and safely. Basic PPE like gloves and even masks will be needed, but maybe even more extensive items and a specialist in issues such as rodents, faeces, and needles, etc.

It would be best if you then planned how to remove this from site, both correctly wrapped and stored and then taken away. If it is straightforward rubbish, but a lot of it, is it worth hiring a skip and using the opportunity for other general things to be thrown away by occupiers on site?

Also, consider the degree to which this needs removing. Some items may be more urgent because of blocking an essential fire escape route or sensitive or perishable items. There may also be items that can be recycled and delayed separately, for example, the old Christmas tree in this instance!

2. Rinse it

After things are cleared, get ready to go the extra mile where needed.

There may be niggly small items that need a good brush and collection, plus watch out for anything getting stuck in fences or behind down pipes that still need addressing.

But then see if a full wash-down is ended, maybe a jet walk or external cleaning. This is particularly important with things like faeces and drugs and will need specialists to advise and help with this.

Not only will this help keep things hygienic and safe, but it’s amazing how it will make a big difference to how it finally looks - maybe even better than before.

3. Restrict it

The final stage is to try and stop this from happening again, restricting things like access and warning people.

In this case, there’s an obvious win or repairing the mesh fence to stop people from getting through physically. Other times, the owners and occupiers may need to look at locked gates, outside lighting to warn people off, and even CCTV cameras to identify future instances.

Also, remember the influence of people at the site who can help. So, informing occupiers or other contractors can help keep an eye on areas like this, and even placing signage to warn people of the consequences.

Practical and easy clean up

These three stages can hopefully navigate you through any situation like this, whether a one-off small-scale issue or a more significant flytipping problem that needs more detailed involvement.

Don't forget to involve the right people as well as the nitty-gritty of dealing with the problem and removal/cleaning process. Ask around with occupiers and any involved landlords or managing agents to see what has caused this, and if needs be, stop any access while safely resolved - even if it means preventing people from trying to be too helpful and removing it if they don’t have the correct health and safety and PPE precautions to hand.

If you want further help or a proposal for a specific situation, don’t hesitate to contact us as local domestic and commercial cleaners covering the Birmingham and West Midlands area.