We recently received a handy A3 flyer folded up into A5 sections from our Easy Cleaners Walsall local council with information on the domestic bin collection service for 2015/16. Whichever local Birmingham or West Midlands County you fall within you should be receiving similar information, which is important to know in order to get the right weekly routine sussed out to leave your rubbish for collection by the council.

Often, the clearer and simpler these are to quickly pick up, the better. So with these in particular they have three colour codes on the go, and grey for general rubbish, green for recycling rubbish, and brown for garden waste. One side of the A3 sheet is a map of the borough with ten specific areas highlighted in different colours, and then a handy little mini calendar for each of these ten areas in their own unique colour, listing from April 2015 to April 2016. The four or five weekly dates within each of these months, depending on the number of weeks that fall into that particular month, are then nicely colour coordinated in the green, brown, or grey, although you do have to check the key at the bottom on these colours as they do involve combinations of bins as well.

There's also a couple of extra little pieces of information in there to know, such as the green additional bags of refuse to be collected separately, and that bins are to be presented by 7 a.m. on the collection day, and then the bins removed back from the street to your storage area in your garden/home straight after collection. They also request that any missed collections are reported within 24 hours in order to arrange before the next collection run.

On the other side, there's contact details of course, including specific websites, and also Facebook and Twitter feeds, which is helpful for those on social media. There's also a note about household waste recycling centres in the area where you go and take extra rubbish yourself such as garden and household items. There's even a note about the forthcoming Christmas times, which although seems a long time off at this time in the year, it is a good point.

Finally, there's a helpful side showing the top 20 recycling items found, which is handy to note to instantly get an idea of the sort of things that can go in there, including an actual picture of these items, as well as description. There's then a separate quick list of the sort of things to also place in the general waste, and items to the above-mentioned household waste recycling centres.

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