tenants rubbish easy cleanersAccumulating, disposing and treating rubbish is fast becoming a big thing for local cleaners and when you consider that unwanted waste often creates an unhygienic and untidy house knowing how to deal with your trash can often save you a lot of time, stress and money.

As much as recycling can be a big pain in the bins, it really does pay to get into the right routine and if you can avoid just lumping all unwanted waste into one place then you'll lessen the impact on both the environment and your home.

Below are a few more pearls of wisdom from the cleaning professionals and if you're wishing you could reduce your rubbish and treat it the right way then read on and keep things tidy.

Make Some Cash

Old furniture, kids' toys and scrap metal is all worth selling on Gumtree or just sticking on the street corner and waiting for an interested party to come along and take it off your hands. Making money from your old junk can be really easy and not paying for someone to take it away is a great money saving tip too.

Call the Council

If you do have a large or bulky item that you need to get rid of then get in touch with your local council to see if they'll come round and collect it free of charge. White goods, like fridges and freezers, need to be thrown away within fairly strict guidelines and getting in touch with the council will no doubt point you in the right direction of what to do and who can do it.


Again, talking to the council about supplying recycle bins is always best advice and if you can stick to a relatively strict routine and avoid using excessive packaging then you'll be lessening your load in no time at all. Bottles, paper, card and tin, if you've got a local drop off point then use it as regularly as possible and you'll soon avoid undue build up around the home and at one focal, overflowing, bin.

Collection Services

If you've got a load of garden waste or you're having some work done on your house then you might find that hiring a skip can be as expensive as it can be frustrating. A great alternative is to get in touch with an independent rubbish collection firm that should be able to do the job for half the price and with immediate results which is great news for saving cash and valuable car parking space in the process.


If you've got a garden or an allotment then keep your uncooked vegetables, egg boxes and egg shells in a separate bag before adding them to a compost heap. Those valuable nutrients are just what the soil needs to keep generating more produce and as you add to your garden you'll also take away from your household bin which means that you'll use up less space on waste.

Keep it Clean

Fluids, meat and fish are all responsible for causing the smells and germs associated with inside and outside bins which is why keeping things clean and tidy, both inside and out, is best practice for preventing disease and foul smelling rubbish areas. Hose it down, stick it in the bath or just give your bin a spray with cleaning fluids as there's nothing worse than a grubby refuse area no matter what you want to put in it.