The Sunday Times had an interesting article recently about what Brits are getting up to behind closed-doors at home during the Coronavirus lock-down.

Lots of deep cleaning apparently, particularly now in the typical spring-cleaning season.

This has been identified through the surge in deep-cleaning products, with some suppliers simply not being able to cope, for example five out of seven models of steam cleaners at John Lewis being sold out.

As an example, specialist cleaning product supplier Dr Beckmann reported an eightfold-increase in sale of its carpet stain remover and fourfold for washing machine cleaner.

What is interesting to note as well are the three main opinions on why there is such an interest at the moment in Covid-19 Coronavirus lock-down:

1. More Time at Home

Expected really at this time, whether that’s usual social and family time, less commuting time, and even in between home-working – being at your home more certainly helps.

You can spot the issues and have the time to crack on with it.

2. Concern of Lurking Viruses

As the world has slowly been educated into what this ‘Covid-19 coronavirus’ actually is, and how it is passed on, then it’s a fair assumption to assume that surfaces and objects at home may well be having these germs on them.

Maybe that’s true, maybe it isn’t – what counts is what people think they might be holding.

3. More Mess & Dirt

Again, a logical conclusion when you think about it. With so many more hours and energy spent in one place, you will naturally generate all kind of extra dirt, rubbish, bacteria and germs.

And not just the family, but any household pets as well.

Plus, it is also interesting to see some reported downsides to all this cleaning-frenzy at homes during these unusual times:

1. Rubbish Pile-Up

It’s one thing decluttering and getting rid of old items, say paperwork and rubbish – but where do you then place it all?

With limited travel and council waste depots closed, there are limited options here other than simply piling up at home or outside areas.

2. More to Do

With so much home-time for everyone as you work, rest, and play – then as soon as you finish one good clean, the next one will be due again pretty quickly.

All that hard work which might have lasted say a week, may now be more days, and soon bring you round to repeating once again.

Cracking on With Lock-Down Cleaning

But don’t be dismayed, it’s important to cease the opportunity whilst it’s here.

In a few months’ time as we all try and get back to some kind of normality, the pressures of life will soon start increasing again unfortunately.
Therefore, although we’re all not in ideal circumstances, it’s important to still make hay whilst the sun shines as they say – or clean areas while time permits.

So, don’t panic, break things down to manageable chunks, rope-in other family members as much as possible – and get stuck into some good old deep-cleaning this spring season.

Want some help? Contact us as local cleaners in the MIdlands to help out.