4.0 Outside Areas

4.1 Definition

4 1 overview easy cleanerdsAny kind of outside area to a property, whether that’s a small yard or path at your home, a larger car park and landscaped areas with a business, or even external buildings such as sheds and garages; these all need some form of ‘cleaning’ as well.

They tend to have specialist cleaning services that border on other tradesmen, so for example you may have a landscaper or gardener who regularly litter pick outside your office as part of their service, or a handyman who can regularly sweep paths and remove leaves in the autumn.

More light and basic duties can be completed by a regular cleaner, but make sure these are clear, and that they are correctly equipped to not only do this but to then safely and hygienically switch back to internal areas. So for example, there will be hygiene and health & safety issues if they suddenly go from notable outside clearance works when the weather is bad, to then walk inside and begin finishing works in a kitchen area with food preparation.

4.2 Roof and Gutters

4 2 roof gutters easy cleanersOften overlooked, but all it takes is a blocked gutter or down pipe to cause damp and damage to the property. Cleaning gutters is important therefore, to keep leaves and debris from lodging in there and stopping the free flow of water back through the downpipe.

Regular clearance of these every 6 months is ideal before and after the winter season, either safely by yourself or by involving a trustworthy handyman or roofer.

Be careful of not getting too carried away with further advice from roofers, for example important slipped tiles or worn mortar areas needing urgent attention, or moss collecting and needing removal.

4.3 Yards and Paths

4 3 paths easy cleanersGeneral litter and debris removal is the focus with regular sweeping using a good, stiff-bristle brush. Make sure rubbish is safely collected and placed in a separate bin bag with the help of a dustpan and shovel, and any protective PPE like gloves and boots.

Watch out for any unsafe or unhygienic items like used needles or pigeon droppings, which will need specialist processes and help. Also, any potential maintenance issues like wonky slabs, and measures such as placing grit down in colder periods.

For some larger and communal areas, depending upon the equipment and cleaning chemicals used it may be necessary to obtain a permit from a local authority, as access may require restriction to prevent risk of toxic fumes.

Here are 7 tips for clearing leaves on our blog, all beginning with 'S'.

4.4 Sheds & Garages

4 4 shed garage easy cleanersAny separate buildings will need their own attention, a lot boiling down to a good tidy-up and basic sweep and wipe of areas. Watch out for dust blowing everywhere, any unusual chemicals or items being identified, and suitable clothing and PPE.

4.5 BBQs

4 5 bbq easy cleanersThese can easily be just placed aside after use and unfortunately not correctly cleaned for next time. Therefore always first check if they are beyond redemption, with solid remnants and even rust on parts that simply require a whole new BBQ.

Otherwise ensure the cooking utensils are correctly cleaned back in the kitchen as per other food items, and the main barbeque is emptied and cleared after it has cooled down, with the main cooking grill then requiring special attention.

4.6 Grass & Planted Areas

4 6 grass plants easy cleanersGenerally these are separate areas carried out by a gardener or landscaper, but there can be light duties that a cleaner can complete as part of general housekeeping duties. These can include watering plants, basic litter and leaf picking, and light duties such as mowing the grass and some weeding of beds or pots.

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