3.0 Separate Cleaning Tasks

3.1 What This Includes

3 1 overview easy cleanersYou tend to find more specific and sometimes unrelated cleaning tasks that don’t easily form regular cleaning types, but are still an important aspect. We have therefore noted the main ones here, and how they relate to other cleaning types.

3.2 Shower Descale

3 2 shower descale easy cleanersThe shower head which is the part that sprays water out, can get clogged up with lime scale, and is worth regularly cleaning at least every 3 months to not only be hygienic but enable full spray.

You basically need a bucket with warm water in and some de-scaler fluid or powder mixed in with it. You then unscrew the shower head and place in for a while to enable it to effect the lime scale. Afterwards, take out and rinse with clean water, and wipe off any residue left, to then end with drying and placing the shower head back on.

There are other alternatives to de-scaler, such as vinegar with water, although check that special items such as brass showerheads do not stay in too long.

3.3 Washroom Services

3 3 washroom easy cleanersSpecialist services often go through another supplier, more in larger and commercial buildings where there is a large volume of people using communal toilet facilities. Because of the issues of increased bacteria in these areas, there is a need to ensure higher hygiene standards.

These typically provide soaps and hand care supplies, toilet paper, fragrances, hand driers and paper-towel dispensers, and sanitary aids.

This can even include a nappy disposal where you have parents needing to make nappy-changes with their babies, which are special disposals that the soiled nappies can go in, rather than the usual bins - the use of which can be a health hazard and cause a stale odour.

3.4 Pest Control

3 4 pest control easy cleanersIt’s important that normal cleaning duties are good enough to prevent unwanted pests like mice and rats, or flies and ants, into any habitable areas. Sometimes though you need to go the extra mile when it comes to cleaning where rats and mice have been and involve a specialist pest control company to either deal reactively with any pests or remains, or proactively deter them as much as possible.

This can also be for outside areas, such as bait-boxes designed to attract rodents with regular pest-control attendance afterwards to remove them.

3.5 Glassware

3 5 glassware clean easy cleanersParticularly important where glass items will be more on show, whether that’s detailed ornaments, or drinking glasses on a dining table. When cleaning glassware you should not only take extra care to ensure no damage, but also ensure a greater quality of cleaning so that smears are wiped away as well as hygiene cleaning processes.

Therefore you need to check whether a regular cleaner is able to accomplish this, or you need a specialist.

3.6 Chimney Cleaning

3 6 chimney clean easy cleanersThis will involve a specialist chimney cleaner to help clear the hidden chimney where smoke goes up from an open fire in any room. It’s important to make sure that smoke can easily travel upwards and out of the building and not choke back into the room, and to prevent any additional fires.

As well as agreeing the right basis and cost, clarify how much disturbance will be needed in the room, that any mess in the room will be cleaned as well, and clear results of what state the chimney was in to determine how often this needs doing in future.

3.7 Ironing

3 7 ironing easy cleanersA separate task which a lot of cleaners will also carry out as well for an additional charge, often based upon the number or weight of items ironed, or an hourly rate. As well as usual clothing like trousers, shirts, dresses and skirts, tops and t-shirts; it can be more laundry items like duvets, pillow cases, curtains, towels, and bed sheets.

Timing and location are important, so being clear on how quickly they will be completed, and whether yourself or the person doing the ironing does the dropping off and collection, or whether they offer a mobile service to your home.

Also practically, a suitable carrier bag or covers for items like shirts, and availability of hangers.

3.8 Housekeeping

3 8 house keeping easy cleanersAs well as general cleaning duties for any home, this goes a step further and helps organise and manage general household affairs. So this might involve organizing shopping and other tradesmen, making sure clothes and items are prepared for people, and even small DIY jobs like light bulb changes.

Regular cleaners do tend to cover this to some degree, but make sure they are more practically-minded, with good organising skills, and someone you can trust with your home or even business.

3.9 Oven Cleaning

3 9 kitchen clean easy cleanersSuch a small item can take a large amount of attention to get really clean - using the right substances and processes to remove any embedded dirt and remnants both inside the oven, also any top rings and ancillary items like microwaves.

Yourself or a regular cleaner may be able to accomplish with suitable oven cleaner substance or equipment, or by instructing a specialist oven cleaner to come to your home and business and do more effectively and efficiently.

3.10 Stain Removal

3 10 stain removal easy cleanersThis forms part of any cleaning activity really, although can also be a one-off service that you need to arrange. Regular cleaners may be able to include this in their next activity if you wish, or a one-off attendance, or you may be able to locate specialist stain removal companies for more unusual stains or high-value items.