2.0 Types of Cleaning

2.1 An Overview

2 1 cleaning overview easy cleanersThe majority of mainstream types of cleaning tends to be categorized by the cleaning activity itself. So for example, a Floor Clean is focusing on the cleaning of floor areas, whereas a Builders’ Clean is for the general mess generated from building works.

However these activities can also differentiate between different type of users, the two popular ones being for domestic residential like end of tenancy cleaning, and the other more commercial, corporate. There are of course other variations of these such as medical and hospital, pubs and the food industry, and care and nursing homes.

The types below are the main activities you see, with the first two being these more general use ones which have a general selection of individual activities within them.

So for Floor Cleans, this is not only a separate clean in itself, but it will of course be included as part of general Domestic Clean in a different sense (maybe vacuum clean carpets and mopping floors), compared to Commercial in another (maybe deeper mopping through machines)

2.2 Domestic Clean

2 2 domestic cleaning easy cleanersDomestic cleaning is a popular clean of people’s homes, often every week or fortnight. It includes basic dusting of all surfaces and items, including hidden parts like ceilings and skirting boards, and then floor cleaning through the vacuum cleaner or mopping.

Other aspects of it can include basic cleaning on the inside window surfaces, doors, cleaning curtains, and ornaments, and tidying away items and de-cluttering people’s homes. Also more housekeeping chores like changing bed sheets, ironing, laundry, and washing dishes.

2.3 Commercial Clean

2 3 commercial cleaning easy cleanersCommercial cleaning is for business properties and commercial corporate activities, a popular one being office cleaning where often daily visits are needed out of hours and very early in the morning or evening to keep on top of things (here are 9 tips for office cleaning on our blog).

This can include the main desk areas and careful dusting, wiping, and floor cleaning, in addition to ancillary areas such as the kitchen area and dishwashing, and any toilet areas. Care is needed with any workers still making phone calls and Data Protection issues regarding documents and data.

Within a hotel or restaurant business this will tend to include changing sheets, steam and stone cleaning kitchen equipment, mopping floors, and cleaning public areas.

Other types include retail properties and shops, more industrial and manufacturing areas, whether that’s the basic office areas or more specialised and in-depth production areas, and more unusual places like schools, medical venues practices, hospitals, saloons, and spas.

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2.4 General Clean

2 4 general cleaning easy cleanersGeneral Clean is a popular phrase that people refer to, when in actual fact it really needs further details. However, the gist of it is basic cleaning duties such as tidy-up, vacuum cleaning or wiping floors, wiping and dusting services, and possibly ancillary things like dishwashing and de-cluttering.

The application of this can vary between different uses and areas, so a ‘general clean’ for a small domestic flat will be different to a ‘general clean’ for a large block with communal areas.

2.5 Mini Clean

2 5 mini clean easy cleaners'Mini Clean' is a phrase we have come up with ourselves, mainly to encourage others to be involved with cleaning.

It stemmed from working with a charity that had numerous volunteers, the idea being that after each activity each volunteer leader would carry out a very basic ‘mini clean’ themselves such as clearing away any mess, emptying bins, and a quick wipe of surfaces.

A fuller clean would then be completed by others or themselves at other times, whereas this Mini Clean is to keep on top of things after an event or occasion. It’s based on individual circumstances a lot, therefore it might not be worth even vacuum cleaning the carpet unless there is a lot of mess, and involve simply picking-up any obvious items.

Here is a practical 3-stage application of the Mini Clean principles

2.6 Spring & Deep Clean

2 6 deep clean easy cleanersOften referred to as a Spring or Deep clean, and in actual fact are very similar. The Spring term comes from typically being at the start of a New Year and that sense of getting things ship-shape ready for the summer months.

Basically, all existing cleaning tasks are completed more thoroughly, in addition to additional hidden ones. So kitchen and bathrooms surfaces for example will have a more thorough wipe to ensure all marks are removed, plus inside any cupboards and under furniture being thoroughly looked at. Also, areas such as behind radiators and bed mattress cleans which you might not necessarily immediately think of.

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2.7 Builders’ Clean

2 7 builders clean easy cleanersBuilders’ Cleans are ideal for clearing up the mess after any building and DIY works, ideally at the very end of the task - although will probably have to also be during for larger projects, particularly after the end of a working day to ensure that everything is cleaned and the space still usable.

One of the biggest problems is dust, and making sure this does not spread to other areas of the house; you need to give time for it to settle and fully clear, and keep floor surfaces protected as well by sheets and covers.

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2.8 Décor Clean

2 8 decor cleaning easy cleanersDécor Clean focuses more on your decorations and fittings, either separately or as part of any other cleaning activity.

Example includes blinds and curtains, around windows, and any ornaments and pictures. These are places that do in actual fact attract hidden dust and touch-marks more than you may realize.

Sometimes you also need to carry out some basic repairs or redecorations of parts as well, or even further polishing and deep cleaning.

2.9 End of Tenancy Clean

2 9 end tenancy cleaning easy cleanersAn End of Tenancy Clean is when a tenant leaves a property; they should theoretically leave it in tip-top condition ready for the next new occupier, although in reality they often don’t. Even if they do to some degree, any new occupier will be expecting it to both look and smell freshly cleaned.

Therefore tenants or landlords or managing agents can instruct these one-off intense cleans of the whole property, often on a tight time scale between lettings, and often needing reports on what was involved and any issues such broken items spotted in order for the parties to agree who is responsible for these through the letting agreement. Getting this right and not holding deposits back is key, with a few cleaning tips here.

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2.10 Event & Party Clean

2 10 party events cleaning easy cleanersAnother one-off clean after any party or event where there is a clear up needed, sometimes at unusual hours and very late or early morning to make sure the areas are ready as soon as possible.

A lot of rubbish is typical therefore clarity is needed on what can be thrown away as opposed to kept, and what can be recycled or dealt with separately.

Here's 5 tips for making the most of event and party cleaning.

2.11 Kitchen Clean

2 11 kitchen cleaning easy cleanersA focused clean just on kitchen areas, not only more thorough in all areas, but focusing on the higher-level hygiene requirements needed, for example food preparation places like worktops, and food-storage areas like larders and cupboards.

There are also important pieces of equipment like fridges, freezers, microwaves, and coffee machines that need careful cleaning and sterilization. When cleaning inside of a refrigeration unit or other item you’ll have to be more thorough and ensure a satisfactory hygiene standard.

Also oven cleaning, which is mentioned below as a popular one-off form of specialist cleaning service.

Cleaning is important in a kitchen and this can vary between a straightforward domestic home to commercial premises, particularly in specialized areas like restaurants and places like car homes.

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2.12 Bathroom Clean

2 12 bathroom cleaning easy cleanersTypically named bathroom clean, but actually more toilet areas, particularly in commercial property.

Not only do they generally require more thorough cleans of items such as sinks and toilet areas, but greater care is needed to ensure that the bacteria and germs from these areas are controlled and do not get passed through to other areas of the property, particularly when cleaning toilet areas and mopping floors.

2.13 Floor & Carpet Clean

2 13 floor cleaning easy cleanersTypical forms of floor cleaning as part of other cleaning activities is vacuum cleaning and mopping. Specific floor cleaning goes more in-depth, and can address specialised floor coverings like hardwood and stone. This will involve special substances, machines, and processes.

As well as addressing general dirt and grime embedded in the floor covering, you can become involved in any special treatment to help preserve going forward.

Carpet cleaning is one specialist form due to the high number of carpets you find in domestic and commercial properties, and their ability to unfortunately hold dirt and stains. It’s best to have these routinely cleaned every 3 to 6 months to keep hygienic and looking fresh, and make sure colour is evenly restored and the right equipment is used.

2.14 Window Cleaning

2 14 window cleaning easy cleanersOther than a quick wipe of the internal glass and window sills as part of other cleaning, window cleaners specialize in more specific window cleaning. The focus is the outside faces which are difficult to access, and any communal areas within larger properties, although they can of course still include all inside faces as well.

Care needs to be taken with safe access, and making sure the right areas are explained, for example including frames as well as windows, and what to do when windows are left open or balconies get in the way.

This window cleaner will also need correct insurance cover, and license in some scenarios, as well as correct Risk Assessments and safe procedures.

Improved technology means that with most buildings you can be cleaning windows like a professional from a long pole rather than ladder access, and even just clean water and using pumps through long brushes.

In terms of some tips on window cleaning:

•Make sure no streaks are left
•Move from top to bottom
•Use a good squeegee or sponge with no perforations from wear and tear
•A glass cleaner and clean dry cloth after can finish off

2.15 Dry & Upholstery Clean

2 15 dry upholstry cleaning easy cleanersSomething different from main cleaning, but worth a mention to clarify the distinction. Typically, dry cleaning is for people’s clothes and involves such items going to the dry cleaners, although this can be part of the regular cleaner’s duties to arrange and collect.

Upholstery cleaning is more people’s furniture and fabrics, something that a regular cleaner may be able to arrange or carry out themselves. The right equipment will be needed, with careful selection of non or water-based substances, and ensuring no damage to the upholstery and removal of all stains.

2.16 De-cluttering & Storage

2 16 declutter storage easy cleanersAn important aspect to not only make things look good, but keep things organised in order to easily use and find again in the future. To some degree this will need to happen anyway, and worth clarifying what can and can’t be done by the cleaner, for example to leave any paperwork or personal items on a desk at work or home.

It can also be a one-off task, and a conscious effort to tidy up storage areas, particularly hidden ones like cupboards under stairs, garages and sheds, and even the loft. It can also inspire new ideas and ways to better organise when this is completed, as well as generating lots of additional rubbish to then remove.

2.17 Medical Clean

2 17 medical cleaning easy cleanersSpecialist area for medical facilities that require the right experience. Quite rightly, there are more procedures and health & safety concerns to address and adhere to.

2.18 Cars & Vehicles

2 18 car vehicle cleaning easy cleanersTypically done by car owners themselves or by car wash companies and workers, this helps keep on top of dirt and mess that surprisingly mounts up, particularly with activities such as driving children, and a tradesman van. Areas such as windows and lights need particular attention to make sure they are clear for safe travel, and to address the effects of road grit in winter months.

This can always be included as an additional service by your regular home or business cleaner, or easily rope in others like teenagers and those needing something to do.

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