finishing touches easy cleanersOne frustrating thing about cleaning is the fact that so much can go into doing a great job behind the scenes, and yet it can be so easily missed by people.

Getting behind those curtains or scrubbing under the pieces of furniture can go completely unnoticed, however, being an essential ingredient to easy cleaners.

Therefore, we have learnt over the years to add a few little touches that help send a feel-good signal. As the saying goes, it’s the thought that count.

Although not the bread-and-butter cleans themselves, these can be nice little touches that show that the experts have been cleaning, particularly with say end of tenancy cleaning.

So here, goes – six touches to consider in mainly domestic cleans, although still applicable for commercial and other ones as well.

1. Folded Cereal Box Lids

Such boxes can often be left on work tops and tables, and although it’s ideal to place them back in cupboards, people may prefer and need to still have these left around.

Well make the most of this, and take the time to neatly fold the tops back in, and even angle diagonally to add that extra touch that looks great as well as protecting the food inside.

2. Arrowed Toilet Roll Ends

Okay, it takes a while to get the knack of this, but when you do – wow, it certainly has a great impression.
Where toilet rolls are on holders as opposed to left on their own, then simply re-fold the end to make a nice arrow and bow shape.
Of course, it has no practical purpose, and will soon disappear – but it adds that special little touch when you first enter the bathroom and see this.

3. Nicely Piled-up Towels

Although this can take a bit more effort, it pays dividends in cleanliness as well as looks.

Rather than sloping across rails and areas randomly, take the time to re-fold them up, and in the same way correctly on top of each other.

And to put the icing on the cake so to speak, then place them in a new location – maybe the window cill or side board.

4. Perked- and Propped-up Pillows

This is a classic one you’ll see a lot of, and a great habit to get into yourself.

A simple perking-up of pillows to give them life again and taking away those wrinkles and creases. And then placing them nicely on top of each other, and maybe even angled sideways.

Plus, don’t forget the same for cushions on sofas and other areas, and even investing in new ones to place around on beds and bean bags.

5. Selective-Positioned Sink Bowels

Real simple, but speaks volume when people first see them.

The washing up bowels you see in the kitchen sink can be clumsy to put somewhere, whether in the bowel, hidden away, or on the drainer.

Therefore, one trick is to pop this up on the sink at the side of the taps at an angle facing back into the sink (and all soap suds washed away).

It not only keeps the main sink area clear, but places in a location that is otherwise not utilised and coming across as still complementing the general kitchen area.

6. Neat & Tidy Tops

A nice and simple one to finish with, and that’s making sure everything on a surface is tidied up – whether paperwork on a desk, ornaments on a side board, fruit bowels on a table, or TV remote controls on a coffee table.

Simply get them grouped together and even in a straight line to visually make everything ship-shape for when you first see them, in addition to freeing up lots of extra surface space.

However, one word of caution though is to not get too carried away with things that are personal and needing to stay in place, for example, paperwork clearly still in use.

Adding the Wow-Factor to Cleaning

One of the best compliments we receive is when people first come back home and forget that we were there cleaning that day, and arrive to suddenly find a wonderfully clean home!

Not only does the clean surfaces and sweat smell give the game away, but some simple touches that show that we’ve added that little extra thought and touch.

Therefore, hopefully these above six tips will help inspire you to continue to go that extra mile after cleaning, and really make someone’s day.