Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions that may help with any initial queries, or Contact Us to receive immediate feedback and help on whatever query:

Will You Be The Cheapest Price?

We aim to be the best value service you come across, which is often reflected in the lowest actual price although the important factor is to make sure that we’re comparing services and prices like-for-like. We’ll give you the full picture and how much work and time we believe will go into it and then the total cost for that. We also work with clients to try and trim down as much as possible, maybe doing lots of things at the same time or involving clients themselves if they are happy to do so.

How Far Will You Travel Outside Birmingham?

We aim to cover the majority of the West Midlands but will make sure that the right cleaner is able to cover your particular area and street; whether that means sensible travel from another area or being based more locally. If this isn’t possible we’ll tell you straight away and happily recommend other more local ones to help you out.

Every Week is Different; Can You Work at the Drop of a Hat?

Sure, we appreciate that lives are busy and cleaning should fit into things rather than have life revolve around it. We’ll try and get a routine time agreed but we can easily change things, working with our cleaners to check they are available, and let you know what minimum notice will be needed.

Can You Easily Provide References?

Of course we can supply these to make sure you know our track record.

What Methods of Payment Can You Take?

Cash and bank payments are the most popular, but cheques are OK as well. We can agree payment terms and time scales, and provide invoices and paperwork as needed.

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