Cleaning your freezer is one of those tasks in the home that often gets forgotten, but if done regularly then this cleaning can pay dividends. In addition to making it easier to find things when you want them, you’ll also be giving your freezer the chance to perform more efficiently. It’s easy to do and once you’ve gone through it the first time, the next time becomes a lot easier. Follow these simple steps to get your freezer clean.

Step 1: Get What You Need, Unplug and Clear Out

Make sure you turn off your freezer and unplug it before you do anything. That makes sure everything is safe and will also begin the defrosting phase. Gather your equipment together too: cloth, towels, brush and cleaning solution are all you’ll really need. Next, take any frozen groceries out and store them in a cool place, then remove the drawers and brush out any remaining debris.

Step 2: Defrost

You may be not sure how to defrost a freezer, but once you learn you’ll realise how easy it actually is. Simply turning off the freezer begins the process and then it’s all about how quickly you want the job done. By all means leave a tray at the bottom and just wait for it to thaw, but there are quicker and less messy ways to do it. For example, you can place a bowl of boiling water at the base of your freezer.

The steam will start to loosen the ice build-up quickly and you can help that along by scraping and tapping, with a plastic utensil, along the top and sides. Loosening big chunks will help get it all moving, and before you know it all the ice will have melted. Quick tip; make sure you lay a towel down before you start so there’s no risk of big puddles on the floor.

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Step 3: Cleaning Your Freezer

Once all the ice is removed the process of cleaning can really begin. Start by wiping away any excess water with a sponge or cloth and get rid of any leftover food and packaging. Use a little cleaning solution with water and grab your brush – an old toothbrush or nailbrush works well. Use it to get into all the corners and scrub away.

You’ve already removed all the debris from the drawers, so all they need is a wipe and scrub too. Be careful when cleaning the seals, though; if you scrub too hard you could damage or even split them. Do that and the freezer will struggle to stay at the lowest temperature, as the door won’t seal properly. Finally, wipe down with kitchen towel, put the drawers back in and turn your freezer back on.

There you have it, a simple way of defrosting a freezer. Now that you know all about cleaning, and how to defrost a freezer, you can get on with the job at hand!

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