If you're currently in the process of cleaning your house and have forgotten to do the windows then don't worry, you're not alone.

Nine times out of ten the windows are missed out from a weekly cleaning routine and even if you call in a firm of professional Birmingham cleaners you can't always guarantee that windows will be part of the job.

When it comes to cleaning windows the first things that traditionally spring to mind are elbow grease vinegar and a newspaper however, these aren't always as good as you might expect.

The trouble with using a newspaper or any other type of duster or cloth for that matter is that it creates a static charge which attracts more dust as well as pushing existing grime around rather than taking it off.

Below is a quick guide as to how to clean your windows featuring tools of the trade and how to apply them. This is your chance to learn from the pros – happy cleaning!

For the best way to clean your windows you'll need the following items:

• Chamois leather – this needs to be dry and helps to absorb any excess moisture at the end of the job.
• Sponge or long headed cloth – make sure you always use a clean sponge or cloth that's free from leftover grime or bits of grit or glass.
• Washing up liquid – Fairy works fine but a little always goes a long way so be sparing before squirting in half a bottle.
• Warm water - straight out of the tap as long as it's clean.
• A bucket or a bowl – ensure your receptacle is cleaned both on the inside and out prior to adding the water and washing up liquid.
• A squeegee – available from any good hardware store and can be customised to meet the shape of any type of window.
• Used table napkin – the better the quality and thickness of material will ensure this is the ideal means of wiping your squeegee clean and dry.

A step by step guide to cleaning your windows

• First things first: place a small quantity of washing up liquid into a bucket or bowl of warm and clean water.
• Next you should dunk your sponge or long headed cloth into the bucket and apply to the window. Make sure you shake off the bubbles before getting down to work.
• Once you've created a good layer of soap over your problem window then it's time to wipe it off using the squeegee. It's recommended that you start at the top left hand corner of your pane of glass and work in a backwards half figure of eight.
• When you've finished one pattern then wipe the squeegee blade clean with your used table napkin before repeating the process.
• After you've finished the majority of the window then it's time to deal with the frame and sill by wiping clean with a dried chamois cloth.

And there you have it. Crystal clean windows that any professional local cleaners would be proud to call their own. Although you don't need to build the above strategy into your daily or even weekly cleaning routine it is wise to clean at least four times a year with the seasons providing the perfect reminder to get your soap, water and squeegee out.

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