We came across an iPhone dilemma recently which could have resulted in a large replacement cost! Slightly different type of cleaning advice, but helped retrieve the phone OK.

The incident happened whilst driving and a cup of coffee being split in a cup-holder next to the driver’s seat. Unfortunately this is where they normally place their iPhone whilst driving, and therefore when they automatically did so without rembering that it was full of coffee resulted in coffee seeping into the bottom of the phone - not good.

Later on it started to ‘play up’ and not respond, unusual for Apple products. Then a stain started to emerge actually on the screen, well infact technically behind the screen after the coffee had been drawn into the phone from the power-socket at the bottom. To top things off, there were then problems with charging the battery, as the power point goes in this socket, which would have been a problem if the battery went flat and the phone could not even be kept on to try and function and repair.

Anyway, here’s 3 simple tricks that helped resolve. Fortunately these helped remedy the problem, although of course this might not always be the case and proper mobile-phone repair being needed:

1. It Was Left to Dry Out

A simple principle we see in cleaning time and time again, if something is wet then just give it time to dry out. Preferably on its own without additional heat when it comes to technology, and sooner the better really.

2. Turn the Phone Off and Switch Back On

This does seem too simple to be true, but amazing how this resolves a lot of issues. These are complicated pieces of technology that may just need a 'rest', and a new lease of life by then being turned back on again after a minute or two being off.

3. Scrape the Inside of the Bottom Charge-Socket Out

This is where lots of dust will naturally collect, and over time can cause a problem with the charger wire connecting anyway, but particularly with coffee there making things sticky and issues with it charging meant that a good old paperclip was used to pick inside and get out the dust.

As an aside, the other thing worth doing as well is just a general clean behind any casing or cover for the phone, as there will be all kinds of dust and rubbish that will start collecting here. A careful wipe will help wipe the hidden grime and dust off in most cases.