Avoid Burst Pipes

With the winter months drawing closer now is a better time than any to pay attention to those water pipes. Otherwise you could find yourself not only with the expense of calling out the plumber for a burst pipe but also the hassle of cleaning up after the disaster!

Maintaining the water pipes to avoid blockages and burst pipes means a few simple changes to your habits when using your sink, shower or bath. Follow the steps below and have peace of mind.

Be Kind to Your Sink

We are all guilty of sometimes thinking we can put just anything down the sink to avoid further work. However everything we put down the plug hole can build up and swell in the water to cause blockages that can contribute to a burst pipe. Instead of letting rice or bits of vegetables (or worse) go down the plug hole only to cause mayhem later keep a small waste bin next to or under the sink to dispose of these bits of rubbish in a handy way.

No More Greasy Substances in the Sink

Similarly don’t be tempted to get rid of used oil or fat by pouring it down the sink. Even if you run water after it it will remain and clog up your water pipes. You may not notice it at first but it will be there solidifying and clinging to the other rubbish in the pipes. If this is something you do then squirt some washing up liquid down your plug hole from time to time and follow it with a few kettles of boiling water to break up the greasy substances and chase it away.

Get a bathroom bin. And use it!

Hairs. Dental floss. Buttons. Hairpins. Cotton buds.

These should all go straight in your bathroom bin, not down the plughole of the sink. A good way to prevent these stray things ending up in your waste water pipes is to use a drain trap to catch them. Then you can transfer the mess to your bathroom bin instead of allowing it to continue to block your pipes.

Keep That Bathtub Clean

Leaving a combination of baking soda and vinegar down the plughole before following it with boiling water is a really simple way of breaking down any build-up in your pipes carrying waste away from your bathtub.

Don’t Ignore Slow Draining Water in Your Sink

When water is draining slowly from your sink you should take this as a cry for help! The first thing to check in this instance is the U-bend under the sink. Take apart the fittings and remove the blockage as quickly as possible before it builds into an even bigger problem! Be sure to clean the pipe out thoroughly before putting everything back into place.

Keep on top of these simple steps and you will be well on your way to avoiding any further water pipe related issues and hopefully you can avoid any burst pipes in the future.

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