Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14) is just around the corner, and when you’re dating someone or married, you may already be thinking about what to get your significant other. The usual things may even come to mind… chocolate, flowers and cards.

It’s time to think beyond the usual gifts! If your significant other is constantly running around, getting things done for everyone in the house… making sure that everything is in working order and clean, and that everybody has just what they need when they need it; you need a great gift!

Chocolate, flowers and cards… they seem rather repetitive. Year after year after year… it’s the same thing. It’s the whole retail propaganda that people buy into.

However, if you want to be a little more “thoughtful” for your loved one this year, what is the one thing you can do for your busy significant other (spouse) on Valentine’s Day to truly show your appreciation and love for them?

Give them the day off… from their hectic lifestyle.

Do-It-Yourself Cleaning Gift

A cleaning gift is just what they need! Start the day off with a breakfast in bed type of treat. While they eat the “delicious or edible” breakfast you made them, you can clean up the mess you created making it. You can also start a load of laundry or even do a little vacuuming. And, if you really want to help them out, pick up a dust rag and wipe down the house or clean the bathroom.

The idea is to give him/her the day off from lifting a finger… to not have them help in any way that involves cleaning.

Believe it or not, taking on those everyday (or even weekly chores) is a far more personal Valentine’s Day gift than the usual box of chocolate, red roses and “I Love You” cards people give one another.

Hiring A Cleaning Service As A Gift

Of course, if you’re not the type of person that can plunge right into the household chores, you do have the option of hiring a cleaning service to do this for you. That’s right! Give your loved one a day off from cleaning by giving them the gift of a cleaning service or maid. This service can come in and do general cleaning or specific cleaning (kitchen, bathroom, garage)… the choice is up to you.

And, if you want to surprise your significant other with this gift, take them out for the day and allow the service to clean while you’re gone. Upon your return, your other half will be surprised to learn that you had just one more gift for them.

Make your busy loved one feel pampered on Valentine’s Day… with the gift of easy cleaning!