In our last blog post we looked at 5 quick ‘n’ easy car cleaning tips. As the winter sets in our vehicles often suffer with all kinds of grime and messiness, not to mention the frost and ice when the cold comes. As Easy Cleaners of all kinds of cleaning, we’ve got 5 more tips to go, less obvious ones but still ones to take note of so in tandem with the first 5 there’s a top-10 to now go through:

1. Give Ample Room in the Boot

Get rid of things you don’t regularly use, and maybe invest in a boot tidy to hold other bits and bobs in. Also keep lots of space in there for say the shopping or whatever you need to carry around, as all it takes is a mad Christmas shopping spree to suddenly realise you’re tight for space then to carry everything home.

2. Keep the Dashboard Sparkling

Particularly focus on the dials and radio/stereo, so you can not only easily see things nice and safely but it looks so much better, as the dashboard is the one place people will naturally look towards and spot. A good quick tip is to wipe any dust off the top or on the sides, and clear the middle areas around your gear stick and hand brake.

3. Interior Storage Areas Should be Neat and Tidy

You may need to spend a few minutes seeking all these out – whether the classic glove box, store pockets in the doors, lids in the middle arm rest, flaps behind the front seats. People have a habit of stuffing things in them, mostly not needed, so have a good clear-out and start using for important things this time of year like a torch, first aid kit, de-icer, and maybe even small tool kit.

4. Think About the Way You Enter and Leave the Car

So as you get in, maybe your clothes naturally go over the door frame and into the sunken seats. Maybe your shoes are muddy and they touch and make these dirty, which then rub off on your clothes. So keep them clean, wipe any marks off them, and help make sure the car doesn’t make people dirty.

5. Wheels

A bit of a luxury to keep these wiped and clear of mud and dirt, but this will help improve how your whole car look. But this will actually help maintain them as well, for example removing grit-salt effecting the wheels, and checking that your tyres are not bogged down with mud and regularly checked for any damage and air pressures.

Contact us if you’d like help with car cleaning this winter period.