There was a change in legislation last year to do with vacuum cleaners of all things, which Which? have a good article about on their website. There’s two things in particular to note; firstly, that the size/power of motor within vacuum cleaners has reduced, which means that any new vacuum cleaner can only have them up to a maximum of 1,600 Watts.

For general domestic cleaning that is not such a problem, although for larger more commercial premises that can be a loss. The emphasis of course is to be more energy efficient by using a smaller motor needing less electricity to run, and theoretically as technology increases over time the same specification should become more efficient anyway. If a more powerful one is really needed then there is always the second hand market to consider.

The second aspect in the Which? report is the new energy labels that are now on vacuum cleaners. In principle this is a great idea, to be able to immediately quantify how ‘good’ and ‘efficient’ one cleaner is over another, particularly when they are looking at four different criteria to form this rating.

There appears to be a problem in reality though, with Which? reviews and tests revealing that these ratings are not consistent between different suppliers, with manufactures being able to assess these themselves. They advise simply resorting to individual reviews to get to the bottom of which ones are truly the best when it comes to efficiency as well as all other kind of factors.

Interestingly they comment how this energy rating may have helped up-the-game of vacuum cleaner manufacturers generally by there being less and less of very poor quality ones available. Good news, although consumers are still left with a choice of which particular brand and supplier to go for as well as the actual specification of vacuum cleaner.

Which? do a guide on this, and infact on our next blog we’ll look more closely at this, more along the practical line of which vacuum cleaner to look for and the kind of real-life factors you need to be aware of. While some of these you’ll pick up from the mass of information provided by the manufacturers, some of it you just have to suss out yourself to make sure you choose the right one.

So as an example, you may purchase the best priced and most energy efficient one there is around, but if you leave it continually plugged in and on, and also end up going through needless bags and extras then it can suddenly be making a bigger effect on your wallet/purse as well as environment.

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