The best way to make sure you are enjoying the warm weather in peaceful surroundings this summer is to get your garden into shape!

We don’t want you to stress out over cleaning but a little now will go a long way to providing you that comfortable and relaxed feeling that you have been craving the rest of the year. Imagine the sun is shining, butterflies are fluttering around, bumblebees are in and out of the flowerbed and you are lounging around and basking in the warmth with an immaculate garden. Nothing to be cleaned, nothing to be tidied, nothing that needs seeing to - unlike the rest of the house, right?

Take a look at our steps below and see if you can’t make your garden into a space that offer tranquility.


The sunshine is great but sometimes it can be too much - particularly for us Brits who are used to our wind and drizzle. An awning is a great way to get some shade in your garden without planting a tree or using a parasol.

Unfortunately they can be a hassle to keep clean, especially if it has been left out through the autumn and winter.

What we recommend is a good rinse of your dirty awning first. Once this is done mix a bucket of water and mild soap and use a brush with a long handle to the brush the solution all over the awning. Rinse again and your awning should be clean for the summer.

A lot of awnings are already conditioned at the time of manufacture to resist stains and moisture. Using more abrasive solutions and detergents can strip this protective coating away and leave your awning even more exposed to the elements.

Once you have cleaned your awning with your mild soap solution be sure to let it dry thoroughly before storing in anticipation of getting some great use in the summer months. Once you put it away for autumn make sure you store it away from the ground so it doesn’t become an attractive home for mice.


Love the sound of the birds happily chirping in the trees? Here’s how to attract them with a treat you can make at home at very little expense.

1. Melt together peanut butter and vegetable fat in your microwave for 1-2 minutes on high heat.
2. Then mix together oats and flour before packing the mixture into containers the size of paper cups.
3. Allow the mixture to cool before pulling out of the containers
4. The mixture should have become moulded to the size and shape of your containers
5. Place into a wire mesh holder and hang up somewhere convenient for you and for the birds.
6. Watch them flock to your garden
7. See below for how to clean bird droppings

Bird Droppings

Bird droppings on grass aren’t really a problem but if they land on a harder surface like outdoor furniture they can be more difficult to remove.

A pressure washer is the ideal way to go but to truly disinfect the area try the following solution:

● ½ cup of chlorine bleach
● 5 litres of warm water
● A spoon of laundry detergent

Use a rag or a brush with this solution and the mess should be gone in no time.

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