home storage easy cleanersFrom fossil hunting and insect collecting to magnet fishing and baking, the UK is home to keen hobbyists around the nation. Yet, if you practise your hobby multiple days a week, you might wish for a space to practise your favourite pastime.

However, for many Brits in large or small homes, a hobby room isn’t realistic because they haven’t enough space in their house due to inadequate storage solutions. Yet, there are many ways you can use helpful storage solutions to maximise space in your home and ensure rooms are being used to their full potential.

From substituting closet space and hiding your storage, whether it’s spatial limitations or you have too much stuff to deal with, in this article, we outline several storage tips that’ll allow you to make room for hobbies. Keep reading to find out more.

Keep Your Storage Hidden

No matter how small or large your house is, you always end up with a selection of items that don’t fit as seamlessly as they should into the layout of your home. Christmas decorations that haven’t made their way back into the attic, clothes that you’ve grown out of but are too nice to throw away, and toys that your kids grew out of years ago –all end up in the garage or attic.

However, what if your new house doesn’t have a garage or an attic? Yet, you’ve still got this pile of storage that you need to keep hidden from guests. This is where personal storage options like the ones from Safestore come in handy since they allow you to store any items on a long or short-term basis, keeping them out of sight from visiting friends or family members. Consider visiting their website for more information or contact them directly to learn how their innovative storage solutions could help maximise space in your home today.

Use Alternative Closet Space

If your house is a bit on the smaller side, there's a chance that you don’t have much storage space for anything. But one of the most annoying things not having storage for is clothes and shoes. A lack of closet space can cause your home to look cluttered and untidy, particularly your hallway, as this will become a dumping ground for coats, winter accessories, bags, and shoes.

One of the best ways to maximise space for clothes and shoes in your home is by creatively using the available space to make alternative closet space. You can achieve this by using a mixture of floating shelves, hooks, wicker baskets, and other storage options to create a makeshift organiser for coats, shoes, and accessories, preventing clutter accumulation.

Keep The Floor Clear

Clutter is every homeowner's nightmare, but it’s even more of a task when you live in a smaller house; however, there are ways to prevent the build-up of clutter by following one rule; keep the floor clear. We understand it can be easier said than done, but plenty of clever storage options can keep you from directly using the floor as a dumping ground.

Whether you take advantage of vertical space by using small cubes or floating shelving units as open storage solutions, use wall-mounted light fixtures instead of table lamps to keep the space free to store other items, or opt to remove doors so that you have more clearance for shelves. There are various ways that you can use the available space without resorting to using the floor.

Likewise, with clothes, instead of throwing all your dirty laundry on the floor at the end of the day, you can make the room look much more spacious (and tidier) by investing in a laundry basket which keeps clothes off of the floor and out of sight until you’re able to put a wash on.