With the change of season comes the opportunity to get those outdoor spaces in tip top condition for those barbecues and outdoor parties. Providing the weather doesn’t let us down, right?

Well let’s hope for the best weather and meanwhile do our best to get our paved and concreted areas sparkling clean.

1. Paving

Chances are you have some sort of brick or stone paving outside. Cleaned it lately? No? Brick and stone are durable and they can definitely last a long, long time but a little cleaning now and then will go a long way to keep your paving looking great.

Masonry cleaner is available for just this kind of job. Be sure to mix it well and according to the directions. Remember that broom you bought last year when you were full of good intentions? Get it out and use it with the masonry cleaner to get your bricks or stone paving sparkling.

2. Concrete

Maybe the flooring outside your home is made from concrete? You’re probably thinking “concrete should be pretty safe to chuck household bleach over, right? That’ll clear the stains away.”

Wrong. Bleaches can damage concrete and leave a rougher surface behind if it is left on the surface for long. Instead mix warm water with concrete cleaner and use a hard brush to clean the surface.

3. Composite Decking

Perhaps you have had composite decking installed and it is starting to look a bit tatty. These are often made from a combination of wood and plastic and it is not advisable to paint or stain these. Even sealing is not recommended.

Despite being composites they can still suffer from mould and gather stubborn stains over time. For the most accurate advice on how to clean your specific composite decking you should consult the manufacturer of your composite decking.

If you moved into a property that already had it installed you could try the following.Use a deck cleaner with sodium hypochlorite. This should easily remove any rust and dirt. For a deep clean of your composite decking make sure to use a deck cleaner that contains phosphoric, oxalic or hydrochloric acid and use a stiff brush.

To keep mildew at bay be sure to get your garden hose going and get that broom out again. Give your decking a good brush with your broom on a regular basis to make sure small stains don’t become stubborn stains.

4. Oil Stains

Speaking of stains this is a clever tip if you have oil that has dripped from an engine. Blot the area well with paper towels. If none are available kitchen towels should do the job. Once this is done cover the stained area with cat litter and leave it for a day.

You should find that the cat litter has absorbed the oil. Continue the process until you find that no more oil is being absorbed.