In the world of cleaners in Birmingham there’s a whole host of different ways to get a place looking nice and clean. Right from a quick tidy up to a full deep-clean, there’s everything in between. And often you need to remember to see the wood from the trees a little bit, and take a step back to make sure you’re covering everything rather than just assuming more of one type of cleaning.
We’ve therefore come up with 7 ‘its’ about cleaning – some of the main cleaning tasks to remember when you’re tackling a new cleaning problem. These will help you put things in perspective and remember often those little extras that can make such a difference. So here goes:

1. Sweep It

Simple, just get a broom or brush and simply sweep stuff away. Not only the obvious clutter or dust you can see on say a kitchen floor, but all that hidden dust and grime that first needs removing ( I guess dusting is a form of sweeping?). Even before you mop a floor, give it a good sweep first, you’ll be amazed what’s there. 

2. Wipe It

Even just with a cloth and hot water, give surfaces and objects a good ol’ wipe down. Then just see what grime you pick up on the cloth to realise what was actually there. Plus you not only effectively clean and remove dust and grime, but you feel a heck of a lot better when you realise just what hidden dirt has now gone.

3. Soak It 

Sometimes things need a good soak to really get rid of those nasty often ingrained pieces of dirt. So maybe soaking in hot soapy water, or using chemicals such as disinfectant to get things totally saturated and letting the powers of water and chemicals slowly deteriorate the dirt. 

4. Sparkle It 

Give it that bling effect and make things simply sparkle. Not only will it now look like you’ve effectively cleaned, but it can act as a good deterrent and barrier against future dirt as well. So use a bit of polish when you dust, or surface cleaner on a kitchen top, even when you’re cleaning something like your car then a bit of flash-dash to your dashboard.

5. Loose It 

Just get rid of things that not only attract dust and dirt, but make the place look cluttered. Store things away, get them out of reach of kids and pets, and make the best use of good open space. Also cleaning-items are best stored away, not only to improve the appearance of your home but for safety reasons. 

6. Scent It 

Get some nice smelling things around, it’s amazing how it will transform the impression that people then have. It triggers another of our 5 sensors that screams “yes this place is really clean”, and can give it that important ‘lift’. 

7. Paint It

Verging in the realms of DIY I know, but be ready to quickly touch up some paint work. Maybe that chipped woodwork with some gloss, or that wall that keeps getting the scuff marks. This can also extend to tiling, and a whole paint-over or just re-grouting.