If you're the type of person who feels that cleaning is a job best left to the professionals then it might come as some surprise that there are numerous excuses that you can use to help place the task at the top of your things to do list.

Employing the services of local Birmingham cleaners may seem like the easiest way to get the job done properly however, if you're looking to tackle your home under your own steam then it's about time you got down to business.

Below are five of the best ever excuses that you'll need to clean your home and if you still can't get round to making the magic happen then perhaps it is about time you did call in the pros because this is one chore that shouldn't be left too long.

1. The In-Laws Are Coming Round!

There's nothing that gets a house cleaned quicker than remembering the in-laws are coming over for a visit. Skirting boards, wooden furniture and fluff covered carpets will all be given the once over by that eagle eyed mother-in-law and if you don't want to suffer the ignominy of watching her wipe a finger of dust from your sideboard then it's about time you got cracking.

2. You've Invited Friends Over For Dinner

If having the in-laws over wasn't bad enough, the next best excuse to clean your house is to invite friends round for an evening meal. Although you might think that these pals have got your best interests at heart there's no reason why they won't gas about the state of your bathroom later so why take the chance? Clean up before they arrive and serve dinner with a happy and confident smile.

3. The Babysitter's on Her Way

Although most teenage babysitters won't give two hoots whether you've waxed your table legs or tidied away the toys, there's nothing worse than being on a kid free night out when all you can think about is the state of the kitchen surfaces. Do yourself a favour and get wiping, dusting and Hoovering before the babysitter arrives and in this way you can enjoy an evening off after a good couple of hours' work around the house.

4. You've Gone and Hired a Professional Cleaner

The ironic thing about hiring the services of a professional cleaner is that this is often one of the most celebrated causes of kick starting your own house clean. Seriously, if you know someone who doesn't clean up before a professional cleaner arrives then we'd love to meet them as this appears to be one of the most natural things in the world.

5. You're in Need of a Good Old Fashioned Work Out

If none of the above excuses have managed to get you off the couch and down on all fours scrubbing the floors then perhaps the thought of a free work out will. All of that bending over, vigorous wiping and repetitive movement with the vacuum cleaner far outweighs any gym or yoga session and if you're looking to get your limbs as tidy as your book shelves then there's only one way to do it and that's to get cleaning.

There's never a better excuse to clean your house than inviting someone round for a visit but if you're still not convinced then perhaps the best people to call are a professional Birmingham cleaners – happy days!

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