Whether you're cleaners in Birmingham or not, we all go through endless amounts of plastic bags every week, whether it’s the weekly food shopping we bring back home, or someone gives us a gift inside one, or we end up getting them after say clothes shopping. We often find that people either throw them or stash them away, either quickly dispose of them or keep them stored to re-use again although in reality this pile seems to just keep on increasing.

But there’s a few practical ways these can help with cleaning around your home or business to not only make use of them but help you out with cleaning:

1. Use Them to Line a Bin

Simply place them inside another bin, often a smaller paper or general bin around the home. Whenever they need to be emptied then you simply take the whole bag out to tie up and throw away, rather than having to fath around and emptying the main bin. The downside, is that they can ruin the natural appearance of the bin.

2. Place Food Inside Them Before Placing in Your General Bin

This way it stops everything else getting coated with the food, and can be easier to place in. So maybe peels from potatoes, or pieces of chicken, or just uneaten food (try to not waste food here anyway, maybe throw on the garden outside for the birds to eat rather than just throwing in the bin).

3. Keep Cleaning Items in Them

Whether it’s a selection of dusters and cloths, or different substances, keep them all neat and tidy and in one place to easily re-use again.

4. Use More For Extra Thickness

So if you have something bulky, heavy, or more liquid, then just place one inside the other for double or even triple effect.

5. Think How They Could Be Used For Extra Padding

If you have items in a large cardboard box, then they can act as padding instead of say bubble warp. Or if you’re storing things in a bucket and need them to be kept upright, then again use then as good padding.

6. See if Things Can be Hung to Save Space

So can you place things in a bag, and hang them in store to save on shelf space. Or maybe place the bag on a handle of a cupboard door.

7. Maybe Help Group Things Together

So if you have a bunch of bars of soaps, then keep them all together in one bag, maybe still on a shelf or something. Be careful that the items vare not hidden though if they need to be seen for quick or safe use.