cleaning camper van motorhome easy cleanersThey seem to be getting more popular with people, having a get-away vehicle for a long weekend or holiday away touring. Whether that’s a full-blown large motorhome or smaller camper-van conversion, they can be a great way to easily travel and park-up wherever needed.

Cleaning them of course will be needed at some point, either at the start or end of the journey, or during daily use. Whilst there are similarities with cleaning say your home or caravan, with basis things like vacuum-cleaning or sweeping the floor and wiping-down surface, there are a few little extra things to note in order to get this right.

If not, then it can soon build-up to an eye-soar, particularly if you’re relaxing in the camper and the sun suddenly shines on a dirty area.

Therefore, here are 10 unique tips that we recommend as Easy Cleaners to help you out:

1. Thoroughly Addressing the Floor

Whilst a quick flick round with a broom or vacuum cleaner can help, assuming you have the correct power-source for the cleaner, don’t forget the little extras.

With them taking a lot of battering, make sure nothing is set in the grain or fabric of the floor which needs a deeper-clean or wash to get them out sooner than later.

Also, look at all the nooks and crannies – under beds and cabinets, around seats, and even steps from the side or rear doors.

2. Shining Glazing

The windows will need checking and maybe a proper glass-clean to get rid of any smears from say pets or children handling them, within as well as outside the camper.

Tuck into the corners, behind curtains and blinds, and check at different light angles to ensure no stains and smears are left.

3. Bedding and Seating

It can be easy to just let these things slide, after all, when you’re on holiday and away from all the home comforts you can unfortunately let standards slip. And basic things like fresh and tidy bed areas and seating is one of them.

Whether they stay where they are, or they’re packed away, still give them a good airing and correctly re-lay these, ideally with fresh sheets.

4. Hygienic Areas

The kitchen and bathroom areas are those that of course need a higher level of hygiene, no matter how small or exposed they are.

Special cleaning products may still be required, and then carefully locked away, with detailed clean-down of any shower, toilet, sink, and food-preparation areas.

And don’t forget to get in all the hidden areas, not just a quick wipe over.

5. Front Cab

This is often a separate area for when you’re driving, although can still be used as part of the living areas with seats that turn around.

Either way, still keep on top of this, including removing any litter in the door pockets and dashboard, keeping the floor clean from dirty shoes, and making sure everything is wiped off the cloth or leather seats.

6. Sides and Lining

The sides and ceiling areas are often lined with carpet or upholstery, and can easily get forgotten whereas it would help to make sure no bits get collected on these and any stains are quickly wiped off.

Even if they are solid wood or other material finish, a good wipe-down can work wonders to get rid of hidden dirt and grime.

7. Curtains and Covers

They’re often dotted around windows, doors, and other sections of the camper and motorhome.

At the very least, open them out and make sure nothing is caught in or on them, however, be prepared to go the extra mile where needed and remove them and even have separately cleaned-up.

8. Behind the Scenes

You tend to get lots of hidden storage areas to check out, even those you wouldn’t normally access with say electrics and tools in.

But still have a delve in these and get them clean, even with just a quick hand-brush – after all, germs and even unwanted rodents and pests can begin to live here if you’re not careful.

9. Things Being Handled

Have a look around at things like handles and bars, and give them a good clean-up.

These often get lots of dirty hand grasping them, therefore it is essential to not only get looking good but keep germs away.

10. Finishing Touches

Any finally, after all your hard work, get those finishing touches in place to make the camper or motorhome an enjoyable place to be.

So maybe new air fresheners here and there, a bunch of flowers on the table, and even a new set of mats or towels if you really want to push the boat out.

Easily Getting Your Camper Van and Motorhome Clean

As you look at keeping your holiday-vehicle nice and clean, these above ten tips are helpful to get this right and not regret this later on.

Even if you have a cleaner carrying this out, or another family member, then these will help determine exactly what they need to do.

You can then enjoy your clean holiday away.