There's recently been a flyer circulated through letterboxes with information about how you're charged on your phone bill by calling certain phone numbers beginning with, say, 08, 09, or 118 numbers. There's a website with this information, and these little A5 flyers are actually quite handy to quickly let people know the basics about this and have been done in conjunction with OfCom the independent regulatory for the communications industry.

For us cleaners, this is handy information to know about both for ourselves and clients who often need to quickly call people on their mobile phone, unawares of the potential higher cost of certain phone numbers that materialise later on their phone bill. Infact for all business and personal use, this can make a dramatic improvement to your phone bills. They refer to numbers like those beginning with 08 and 09 and 118 as service numbers, which have varying charges ranging from pences to pounds, as you call various companies and services over the phone.

From the 1st of July 2015, it explains how these service numbers, when called from a landline or mobile, will have a call charge made up of two elements. The first one is what is called the Access Charge, which goes to the phone company for connecting you to the service that you want. To find this, you'll need to look on your phone bill or speak to your phone company regarding it.

The second is the Service Charge, which is set by the organisation or service that you're actually calling, and you'll find details of this wherever the number is being advertised. Therefore, the total cost of the call will be these two: Access Charges and Service Charges added together. The other point made is that for 1st of July 2015, numbers beginning with 0800 or 0808, known as free phone numbers, will be free from all consumer mobiles and landlines.

There’s two other helpful points on the subject to high call-charges as well:

1. If you need to find a telephone number from a service like then don’t let them automatically pass you through to the number, as you will be charged a huge amount more on your bill. They should text it through on your mobile so you can call direct, or jot if down on a piece of paper and then call.

2. There’s a helpful website called that sees if there is a cheaper alternative number to the one you have, particularly the 08 numbers. These can often be set up to deliberately charge, where’s in reality they divert to a normal cheaper land-line. Well worth trying.

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